Monday, October 4, 2010

'Imaginary Commies' at 'One Nation' Rally

That's right. Because it's all just some crazed right-wing propaganda scam. Just ask Tintin, the blogging asshat at Sadly No!
"Because we do in fact hate commies, at least real commies, not the imaginary commies that community college Assistant Associate Professor Douglas sees lurking behind every potted plant."
Must have been a gazillion potted plants on the Washington Mall last weekend. Because you know, there's just no socialism any more, right?

Image via People's Cube, "
Has One Nation Exposed Our Socialist Agenda?"

One Nation Maksim

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Bohemian said...

Yeah! Cause this time it will be different! ;-)

AmPowerBlog said...

Bohemian: That's what they say!!

Ron Cantrell said...

I was making a delivery to the canteen of a VA mental hospital many years ago, and got locked in with ethe patients from the violent ward for half an hour. Every one of thoses guys was saner than you guys.