Thursday, January 27, 2011

Bankers to Lobby Against New Rules at World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland — And Police Special Forces Gear Up Against Anarchists

The main story's at WSJ, "Banks Return With a Goal: Pushing Back."

But what really caught my attention about this piece is the accompanying photograph, seen at left: "A marksman from Switzerland's special police forces sets up security on the roof of the Congress Center in Davos on Tuesday."

The World Economic Forum has been a frequent target of the left's violent anti-globalization movement. Amy Goodman's Democracy Now! has a feature from 2002, which captures the nature of the leftist opposition: "Is Another World Possible? Power and Protest As the World Economic Forum Comes to New York." And considering the scale of European protests over the last year, in Britain, Greece, and Italy, for example, it makes sense for the Swiss authorities to put what are essentially military marksmen at strategic spots in preparation against the violent anarchy and potential loss of life.

Click on the image above to enlarge. That dude is decked out with an additional automatic rifle and loads of ammunition and equipment. It's the price we pay in democratic societies, I guess. Folks who help keep the peace are essentially urban commandos, and they deploy with tremendous protection capacities against the unruly massed mobs. The fact that these are left-wing anarcho-socialists and domestic terrorists doesn't get that much play in the MFM press. But marksmen like that guy above are on guard against the kind of violence currently advocated by Marxist Francis Fox Piven (and given a pass by Marxist Barbara Ehrenreich).

Yeah, stuff is kinda messed up like that, but you go to (political) war with the media you have.