Friday, January 21, 2011

The Founding Fathers Would Have Hated Liberals Progressives

I reported on this earlier: "The Lies of Bill Maher — And the Epic Struggle Between Good and Evil in the Aftermath of Tucson, 1/8/11."

Now here's John Hawkins, "
The Founding Fathers Would Have Hated Liberals":

You gotta love it. I've been harping to John about how he calls these folks "liberals." They're not. The founders were liberals, actually, "classical liberals," to be precise. And what best way to illustrate how un-liberal the progressives are is to take a look at Sadly No!'s recent attack on none other than John Hawkins, "There Will Be No Apologies Here Either":
The irony to which Hawkins is referring is that CNN apologized for the use of the word “crosshairs.” “Ha, wussies,” Hawkins harumphs:
Just for the record, we here at Right Wing News don’t apologize for using the word “crosshairs.” Other words we don’t apologize for include job killing, kneecapping, firepower, shotgun, cut, campaign, brass knuckles, slaughter, eviscerate, obliterate, fire, snipe, carve, kill, reload, targeting, gut, bombed, terminate, axe, attack, and of course, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious murder-go-round. We also don’t apologize for calling CNN an embarrassing bunch of weenies who should man up, try to develop some testicular fortitude, and stop acting like such a bunch of little girls.
And, just for the record, we here at Sadly, No! don’t apologize for using the word whale, leviathan, behemoth, hippo, big fat candyass and, of course, mother-fricking ginormous. We also don’t apologize for calling Hawkins an embarrassing mound of man-boobed lard who should back away from the fried food buffet, lace up some tennis shoes, and take a run around the block, particularly so that he could become aware that almost any “bunch of little girls” could outrun him in heels and without breaking a sweat .

Indeed, irony does seem to be made out of ice cream.
Check the Sadly No! freaks for the full post.

And to repeat, they're not "liberals."

Progressives Are Communists (If You Didn't Know)."


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Donald, you hit the nail on it
s head again.....Called a spade a spade, Hit it out of the park...etc...etc...Progressives, for lack of a better description are commies. They also do not think logically,,,,They lack the understanding of critical thinking....I could go on, but for fear of being redundant...I'll quit....stay well....