Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Glenn Beck Slams New York Times and Soros-Funded Center for Constitutional Rights

He's getting better. Seriously. I watched Beck quite a bit in 2009, but this stuff is the best. I'm laughing at Beck invoking "How many licks does it take to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop?" It takes one "click" to see that George Soros is backing the Center for Constitutional Rights. And you'll laugh more when Beck pulls up Bertha Lewis on the screen talking about how the CCR is going to protect your rights under the Constitution. Well, who's rights, really? Not the right's rights.

In related news, follow the lastest in the debate at Instapundit: "PROFESSOR ANN ALTHOUSE DELIVERS A SOUND THRASHING: “History tells us” something that history doesn’t tell us, say sociologists stumbling to protect Frances Fox Piven."

And that Althouse link got a thread on Memeorandum. And Ann then updates with "'Sociology does not enjoy an especially elevated reputation in the academy, and the American Sociological Association provides an object lesson in why that is'."

Be sure to follow the links, but I'll say: This really has gotten pretty pathetic. Society has lost its marbles, or at least that part of society under the grip of the progressive left's institutionalized dishonesty and postmodern unreality. It makes you want to scream, or better yet, to tune into Glenn Beck.

Added: At Yid With Lid, "Before Making False Claims Against Glenn Beck, Perhaps Cenk Uygur Should Fix His Own 'Jewish Problem'," and at Fausta's, "The Roundup." Also, at Maggie's Farm, "That scary, dangerous, evil moron Glenn Beck."