Monday, January 31, 2011

Socialists Rally in Support of Egypt — You Think?

Below at top, at 2:25 minutes, we can see a revolutionary banner with the U.S. on the target list. And this is a surprise? Perhaps so for Jonathon Seidl at The Blaze, "Why Were U.S. Socialists Rallying in Support of Egypt This Weekend?"

It's a long rambling post, so no need to single out anything in particular. This stuff is old news to anyone even remotely familiar with current agenda of the neo-communist left.

And from Blazing Catfur, a clip from Saturday's Egyptian Freedom Support Rally in Toronto. Hijacked by the red-green revolutionary alliance, "
Video: Toronto's Egyptian Freedom Support Rally Hijacked By Islamists & Their Pseudo-Leftist Enablers":

BONUS: Don't miss David Horowitz, "The American Left and the Crisis in Egypt."