Monday, January 24, 2011

Progressive Heads Explode as Olbermann Exits Stage Left — Or, Stage Right?

Yeah, Keith Olbermann was out at MSNBC because he wanted more money, that damned capitalist pig. All those years of progressive rants topped off with pure hypocrisy. It's too good, really.

But by the looks of the progressive reaction across the web, Obermann's departure was the biggest conspiracy since "Bush died and people lied." (More on that here.) Moonbattery has the roundup of
heads exploding on Twitter. But pea-brained progressive Green Eagle ups the ante, hilariously, "Goodbye Keith":

Jessica Hussein Obama

In all my reporting on the idiocies and lies of the wingnuts, here's one thing I found just too boring and stupid to follow: the fact that, virtually every day, there are stories about a supposed attempt by the left to silence right wing talk radio, and TV liars like Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity. Despite the fact that there is not a shred of evidence for this claim, they go on with this nonsense endlessly, like the equally fictional war on Christmas.

Well, here's the reality of press suppression in this country: MSNBC just fired their top-rated broadcaster. And make no mistake about the reason: it was solely because he dared to tell the truth in public. And if you think Rachel, Ed Schultz, and that clown O'Donnell don't get the message, you really are fooling yourself. If Keith is expendable they all are. It is apparently tolerable for CNN to employ the right wing hatemonger and professional liar Erick Erickson. But being a moderate liberal is too much for this country to allow anyone a public voice.

But of course, whoever owns these networks has the right to fire anyone they want, right? And thanks to the sainted Ronald Reagan, no one owns the media anymore but the rich. How many times have you heard decisions like this justified by claims that "it's just business" or that it's all about profits and not about the person's political views at all? Well, I'd like someone to explain to me how it's all about profits when a network fires its most highly rated star.

This is not a minor moment in our history as a nation. It is a major legitimation of the right to stifle dissent. It is a giant step toward fascism; and I am not using the term figuratively. When it becomes acceptable for the rich and powerful to stifle dissent, totalitarianism is on the way.
Oh brother. Could you just make that "goodbye cruel world!"

Wait! I'm supposed to be civil!

Anyway, more from Kyle-Anne Shriver, "
Don’t Cry for Olbermann":
That’s it, folks. Keith Olbermann is — and always has been — nothing but a loud-mouthed, adolescent wannabe. In short, it’s not hard to see why Comcast balked at paying little Keith more money. What is difficult to imagine is why they ever put him up against an accomplished journalist like Bill O’Reilly in the first place.

As hard as I’ve tried, I’ve never really been able to hate Keith Olbermann. He clearly has various and quite intricate female “issues.” He has never been married. His love of fame and money and loose morals have left him with nothing more substantial than his own potty mouth for comfort. And he is getting old fast.

So, maybe I will cry a bit for Olbermann and leave you, dear readers, with this one admonishment:

Whatever you do, Mommas and Daddies, don’t let your sons grow up to be Olbies.

Nothing whatsoever good could ever come of following this reprobate off the cliff into a life of nothing whatsoever worthwhile or in the least bit desirable or admirable.

And that’s all I have to say about Keith Olbermann. I’m just so glad I’m not his mother.


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