Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Socialist Agenda of Revolutionary Transformation

I'm still trying to shake off the cognitive dissonance here, because, you know, there's no real communist revolutionaries citing Marxist doctrines calling for the mass proletarian overthrow of capital:
"Because we do in fact hate commies, at least real commies, not the imaginary commies that community college Assistant Associate Professor Douglas sees lurking behind every potted plant."
Right. Imaginary. That is, if you're idiot butt-freak Tintin from Sadly No!

This Sadly prick remains outside the realm of objective reality, of course, sippin' his commie Kool-aid. And all hate all the time whips up all kinds of paranoid delusions, no doubt. And don't even get me going about the world historical dim bulbs in the comments (Malaclypse especially).

That said, Francis Fox Piven is on a roll. See, "
Globalization Destruction: Piven Gleefully ‘Hopes’ and Explains How Countries Like China Can Shut Down USA and Bring Revolutionary Transformation."

BONUS: From the Poor Old Francis Fox Piven School for Advanced Sympathy Studies, "Glenn Beck's Continuing Obsession with Professor Frances Fox Piven and the Roots of Violence in America":
Several months ago I published a post about Glenn Beck's obsession with City University of New York Professor Frances Fox Piven. I talked about having met her briefly in the early '80s in a grad course and about what a wonderful experience that was.

Mostly I wrote about how Beck, and those inclined to buy into his hateful message, can't stand anyone who helps poor people be heard or helps them make a legitimate claim to a decent life in America. I wrote about how Piven's career has been largely dedicated to helping us understand marginalized people and helping them help themselves, and that for this sin Beck was using the full weight of Fox News to vilify her.
Oh my gosh (sniffle, sniffle).

That is horrible! Glenn Beck's a rank brute! A scourge! No, a bully! Poor old Francis Fox Piven hasn't done a thing but help those poor people throw off their chains. She's helped them smash their oppressors and realize their alienation from the fruits of humanity. These people, by Jove, deserve a decent existence --- and you! --- you horrid bourgeois exploiters owe them a damned living! For shame!



JBW said...

This was awesome, Don! If there was a Hell I'm sure John Birch would be looking up in approval. As I've said, don't ever change.