Saturday, January 22, 2011

State Lawmakers Pushing Aggressive Campaigns to Limit Abortions

This is what freaks out the utterly demonic pro-choicers, and I couldn't be more pleased.

At NYT, "
Conservative Lawmakers in Dozens of States, Energized by Midterm Electoral Gains, Are Working Aggressively to Limit Abortions."

And don't miss Michelle's essay, "
The Philadelphia Horror: How Mass Murder Gets a Pass" (via Memeorandum):
The mainstream news reports about Philadelphia’s serial baby-killer Kermit Gosnell and his abortion clinic death squad only scratch the surface of his barbaric enterprise. You must, must, must read the entire, graphic, 281-page grand jury report (embedded after my column below) to fully fathom the systematic execution of hundreds of (not just seven) healthy, living, breathing, squirming, viable babies — along with an untold number of mothers who may have lost their lives in his sick, grimy chamber of horrors as well. It is explicit. It is enraging. It will haunt you.

Ask yourself why you are not hearing about which root causes and whose rhetoric are to blame for this four-decades-long massacre — just the tip of a blood-soaked iceberg defended by the predators of Planned Parenthood. You know the answer: If it doesn’t help the Left criminalize conservatism, it’s not worth discussing.
Also, The Other McCain has a great post and roundup, "Feminism Is to Honest Debate What Kermit Gosnell Is to Humanitarianism."

Kermit Gosnell, Phila. Abortion Doctor, Seems Confused by Murder Charges, Shocked by No Bail."


Phocion said...

I don't think anyone can be involved with abortions for any length of time, no matter the reasons, without becoming callous to life. It comes under the heading "one cannot spend a lot of time around a mud puddle without getting mud on them."
It starts out with abortion, proceeds to infanticide and works its way up to justifications for killing seniors. If it is OK to kill at one end of life why is the end of life any different.
If it is OK to kill for the above reasons why is it any different to remove those who get in your way? It is just one long progression to the total debasement of life. Justifications become easier to make for almost anything one wants.
At some point the people involved in this are so covered with "mud" that they don't even recognize it. It has become their persona.