Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Democrats Continue to Blame Palin for Arizona Shooting

As we learned previously, in a CNN poll, a majority of 56 percent of Democrats thought Sarah Palin was to blame for the tragic shooting in Arizona.

And in a new Public Policy Polling survey released yesterday, 45 percent of Democrats believe that "Palin is at least partially responsible for what happened in Arizona." The survey contacted voters January 14-16, fully one week after the news broke. And of course it was known by Sunday at least that alleged killer Jared Loughner had acted without having seen Palin's target map, and by Tuesday, January 11, Loughner-friend Zach Osler reported that the shooter "didn't listen to political radio, he didn't take sides, he wasn't on the left, he wasn't on the right." And, according to William Jacobson, "We Just Witnessed The Media's Test Run To Re-Elect Barack Obama":
The false connection of the Palin electoral target map to the shooting did not start in the mainstream media. As I have documented, that false connection started with bloggers at DailyKos and Think Progress using Twitter to push the issue into the mainstream media within hours of the shooting with the help of their followers.

The ruthless efficiency with which the left-wing blogosphere tied Palin to the shooting, and the success of their efforts in equating Palin with mass murder, is a lesson we should not forget.

The Democrats and their mainstream media supporters were put back on their heels in 2010, and are regrouping. And if regrouping requires falsely accusing a major Republican figure of complicity in mass murder, and then amplifying that false accusation for several days in the face of contrary evidence until a substantial portion of the population believes it, they will do it.
Yeah, the progressive left got the meme going, but William discounts the epic lies of MFM Tuscon reporting, especially at the New York Times.

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