Sunday, January 30, 2011

Picking Sides in Egypt? Choose Freedom — Resist the Red-Green Alliance of Anti-Israel Fanaticism

By now folks are anticipated the end of the Mubarak regime. Unfortunately, the political and ideological battles lines are not so neatly drawn. I personally hesitate to attack the Obama adminstration as alleging aiding the Islamists, as in the case of my good friend Reaganite Republican, "Obama Secretly Schemed with Egyptian Opposition for 'Regime Change' for Years!" The evidence there is based on a single WikiLeaks cable published at Telegrah UK and the significance depends on how we define "opposition." The Egyptian opposition movement is broad, and the Muslim Brotherhood has long been the most well organized and highly mobilized. So there's danger there. But as Pamela points out, the fight is for freedom. If anything, the administration has been way too restrained in its approach to the protests. And by standing on the side of dictatorship, Obama gives aid and comfort not just to Islamist extremists, but the world solidarity movement seeking to delegitimize and destroy Israel. The first shot below is from Joshua Keating and the second, from a CNN screencap, shows a protester sporting Arafat's keffiyeh. Clearly, the neo-Stalinist ANSWER contingents have infiltrated the protests, turning opposition to Mubarak into a totalitarian red-green alliance for terror and Israel's destruction: "The Red-Green Alliance: Muslim Brotherhood, ANSWER Battle Mubarak."



The problem will be to sort through the range of opposition groups to find those who truly support freedom. It's not the ANSWER hordes, nor is it those at the far-left Salon, who have published a screed from self-hating Israel-basher Philip Weiss, a.k.a, Mondweiss, "Why is America So Afraid?":
The grimness on the faces of American Establishment figures reflects the greatest threat to authority, the crumbling of an existing order. Support for Israel has defined order in this region for decades and steered our support for dictators ... All this is changing in Egypt. An Arab liberation story is forcing itself into world consciousness ... There is bound to be great suffering in Egypt, we pray for a smooth transition, but if the Egyptians are only left to handle their own affairs, who doubts that the polity that will emerge from this chaos will be more responsive to human rights, and will strike a blow against the fetters of anti-Arab racism that have chained the American mind.
Pamela has more on the Salon communists, "Scrubbing and Smearing: Islamic vs. Secular Governance in Egypt - Leftist Islamic Machine in High Gear." Also, related at Blazing Catfur, "Egypt 'Support' Rally Hijacked By the Usual Islamist Suspects & Their Enablers."

This is not to say it will be easy sorting through the lines of opposition. The report from
tour guide Amos Abidov is illustrative. Leading a group of visitors to Epypt, he reports:
How is the atmosphere? Do you feel secure?

"The attitude towards us as Israelis and tourist is very friendly. Actually, they're overly nice compared to my previous visits in Egypt. The Egyptians want to explain themselves, to tell everyone about their struggle. They speak Arabic over here so it's easy to communicate with them. On Friday we went right past the demonstrations on our way back from the pyramids, and people helped us get though the crowd."
Looks like the Muslim Brotherhood folks weren't on the scene.

That said, the danger remains in the larger political and strategic situation. Two reports are worth checking. At Pajamas Media,
Barry Rubin warns of a fundamentalist regime coming to power, and at STRATFOR, "Red Alert: Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood." Hamas cells from Gaza have made their way into Egypt, working there with fundamentalist elements in the security apparatus. All told, the challenge is monumental, but as the tourist passage above illustrates, the end result of regime formation in Egypt is ultimately a political question.

There's an excellent (and extremely cautious) roundup at Sister Toldjah's, "
Egypt: 'Things are never so bad they can’t get worse'." And the post links to the very pessimistic interview with Ambassador John Bolton at Fox News from Friday.

So, if we have to choose, it's not a choice between the authoritarianism of Mubarak's nationalist regime and those of the Red-Green alliance for Islamist terrorism. The choice is freedom. And had the Obama administration been out in front on this, the peaceful elements --- like those helping the Israel tourists above --- could have gained the upper hand in the emergence of a new regime. It's not too late. But no matter what happens, we can see the battle lines ahead. Freedom and democracy on the one hand, and violent anti-American, anti-Israel totalitarianism on the other.


Anonymous said...

oh really now, three things that are not going to happen there are "Liberation" or "Democracy" or "Freedom", and people who think otherwise know nothing about the region or its history.

What is most likely to happen is that the Muslim Brotherhood will eventually take it over after some hideously inept "interim government", aided by all the charlatans and fools of the UN and the fundie crowd, falls flat on its face, and we will have a replay of Iran (with dashes of Lebanon, Syria and "Palestine" thrown in), but if this does not happen then there will be a hand-off to some sort junta controlled by the Army.

Beyond that, this sets the stage for a major regional war and perhaps the next world war. It certainly pushes Israel in to a corner where there is only one response (that would be a nuclear one, if you need it spelled out for you). This all plays neatly into the hands of the Establishment Left and the Islamicists in particular and the enemies of the West (and the USA) in general.

For once the American Right has reacted as childishly and moronically as the Left. One understands why the Left are so ecstatic about riots in the street--here all they lack are red banners-- but just what is the Right's excuse for this sort of cupidity, moral turpitude and sheer dimwittedness?

Do you think that allowing the Shah to be tossed out in the "Islamic Revolution" of Iran was good for anyone but enemies of our nation and civilization? Why do you imagine the same thing is good here? Do you really think that after all the pro Muslim and Anti-Israeli hogwash we have got out of Obama and his wrecking crew that their hearts are in the right place now? DO you this that the American Left is the least concerned with "Freedom" or "Democracy"?

Moreover, of course Israel is at the center of consideration in the ME? What do you want, to see them driven into the sea? Reflect on what you will feel should you see this happen. This is a major component of the left wing agenda, and conservatives that go along with it are dangerous fools. The puerile and reflexive Anti-Antisemitism of the International Establishment Left will appear all in an together different light on the other side of an event like the nuking of Tel Aviv or a sucessful dash to Jerusalem by combined Arab Armies. Wake up.

Of course there should be plenty of "glum faces". What a vile thing to aver that this should not be the case.

Stop drinking the left wing, MSM kool-aid and use your brain (and your conscience). You claim that you are not a leftist--stop acting like one.

Some Guy said...

Mubarak must be supported. It took months for the Iranian revolution to have an effect, but this is exactly how that revolution started. The Islamists hijacked the grassroots effort after months and then took power. That is exactly what will happen in Egypt. The Brotherhood is the only organized opposition force. Should Mubarak fall, The Brotherhood, who's policies the majority of Egyptians would agree with, will be voted into power the way the Nazis or Hamas were. With Egypt going Islamic, Iran will no longer have anyone to balance their power, and another war of extermination against Israel will occur. Support Mubarak or support another Holocaust!