Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Left is Running Scared?

That's Stanley Kurtz's take on Barbara Ehrenreich's commentary yesterday at Los Angeles Times. See Kurtz, at National Review, "America: A Tyranny of the Heavily Armed."

I'm going to disagree just a bit.

The Nation's editors might be regretting the Frances Fox Piven essay they published, but the progressive politics of 2011 has abandoned any regard for truth and moral decency. And frankly, by the looks of the hardline leftist blogs, it's double-down and business as usual. For example, No More Mr. Nice Blog perfectly captures the left's depravity, suggesting that conservative tea partiers are essentially
armed fascist mobs. Steve M. is too simple to deserve a more detailed rebuttal, but see, in any case, "Marxist Barbara Ehrenreich Exploits Arizona Shooting in Latest Smear on Glenn Beck."


Dennis said...

It is getting interesting to watch the Left's attempts at almost everything being undermined by the facts and their own stupidity and desire to exculpate themselves from their own actions. Robin of Berkeley has another excellent article on the Left's misogyny and the roots of modern feminism (misandry).
Dennis Miller's take on Sharpton's use of the "Race Card" on O'Reilly was priceless last night. Had Obama's speech been a college essay he would have been sent to the Dean's office. The utter incompetence of the people in the White House to check even small things that would leave them vulnerable is wondrous to behold. It is increasingly hard not to laugh at the sarcasm being dumped on the Left using the Left's own words. I have to ensure I don't bring a cup of coffee with me to where I utilize my main computer for fear of laughing so hard I might damage it.
It just couldn't happen to nicer people. They have been just the perfect example of civility.(S/O)