Friday, January 28, 2011

What's Your Constitution IQ?

At ABC News, "Inside the Constitution: Your Government IQ."

I was going to be embarrassed if I blew this, LOL! But actually, I'm thinking about how well my students would do. That, and how well the progressives would do? They're all so smart and all. Not. Especially
JBW. And butt-freak Thers.



Mo said...

Missed one, the one about residency requirements for a Senator. I don't feel too terrible about a 90%. Thanks for the link, it was a fun little test to take.

It would be interesting, btw, to see how many House Reps and Senators could get right. I REALLY would love, in a fantasy world, to see Obama, the supposed-Constitutional scholar take it.

Any bets on what he'd score?

The Vegas Art Guy said...

Dang, I missed three. I should know better than that.

I missed the impeachment one, the last amendment passed, and residency requirements.

A C? It feels like an F