Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Progressive Bullies Threaten Workplace Harassment

This is what progressives do.

The despicable low-life Charles Johnson published a deliberately vague hit piece on Patterico and his brain dead commentariat went straight to work on plans to threaten Patrick Frey's job at the L.A. County District Attorney's Office.

See, "
Charles Johnson Impotently Tries to Threaten My Job":
Here is how much I am frightened and silenced:

Charles Johnson, you are a hypocritical, dishonest lowlife punk. This post of yours guarantees that I’ll be doing a new post about you every single time I find out about another lie of yours.

Every. Single. Time.

In doing so, Charles Johnson, I will metaphorically crush you. I will metaphorically disembowel you and eat your innards. But I will not do a single physical thing to you. Nor will I encourage others to.

I will simply laugh and laugh as your reputation continues to shrink into nothing.

I have, of course, had people do this exact sort of thing to me many, many times before — and it’s not purely a tactic of the left, either. (In fact, there is one certain “classical liberal” site that did almost precisely the same thing a little more than a year ago.) Tbogg, Sadly No, Brad Friedman, his partner the convicted bomber, the aforementioned “classical liberal” site, and several disgraced reporters and columnists for the Los Angeles Times have all learned that the best way to get me to stop pointing out their dishonesty is to stop engaging in dishonesty.

You stop lying, I stop pointing it out. Simple as that.

UPDATE: It just gets better and better. Here is a Twitter message Johnson just republished:


This is classic. I've had E.D. Kain contact my college, not once, but twice, and during the recent Elizabeth Edwards nihilism episode my department chair received two outraged e-mails claiming that I didn't deserve to be teaching at a public college. And that's to say nothing of Libel Blogger David Hillman, who mounted a campaign of workplace harrassment last year, specifically launched to get me fired.

Leftists can't win on the merits. They instead mount campaigns of retaliation. For the longest time Racist Repsac3 hosted this call to workplace harrassment at his blog: "If the Coward or any of his followers harass you online you, contact Vice President Donald Berz" at Long Beach City College. All the phone numbers and e-mail contacts were included. It was only after being repeatedly slammed for his sponsorship of such hatred and intimidation did RepRacist3 remove the contact information, but
the post is still up. After reading that, folks should see this recent thread where RepRacist3 remorselessly attacks me as a bully --- a bully?

Right. Conservatives are bullies when they win arguments on the merits. It really has come to this. But they're progressive dumbfucts, so what can you do? They're pure evil. Threats to a blogger's livelihood are beyond reprehensible.
E.D. Kain, the atheists, David Hillman, and RepRacist3 have all engaged in attacks on my personal livelihood, and they then have the audacity to allege bullying.

It's shameful, I know. But that's what folks of good morals have to deal with these days.

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calls out Patrick Frey: "I never once tried to go after your job." I'm with Goldstein on that, actually. And I've called out Patterico myself, over his attacks on The Other McCain. It's hard out there. That said, I think I'll stay focused on the progressives. They provide enough death-chants and intimidation to last a lifetime. Freakin' asshats.


JBW said...

"...were RepRacist3 remorselessly attacks me as a bully --- a bully?"

If it makes you feel any better Don, I still consider you much more of a victim. I'm afraid however that you seem to have confused "winning arguments on the merits" with "calling people names and claiming that they're morally inferior to yourself". I'd recommend laying off the Beck somewhat.

Wait, I forgot: you're both "folks of good morals". My favorite parts of the Bible are when Jesus brags about what a great person he is too. Oh, one more thing: what exactly is a dumbfuct? Cheers.

AmPowerBlog said...

JBW: Speaking of morals, did it occur to you that this isn't about me? Step back a second, friend. Perhaps you should be calling out folks for workplace intimidation, which by definition makes both me and Patterico victims of despicable attacks. And in both cases, for nothing. Progressives can't win.

But wait, don't tell me you're down with this. Oh, I see. You're atheist, so sneaky, underhanded ... evil bullying campaigns and threats to livelihood are totally cool.

Go take a bong hit, son. Your snarky bullshit isn't argumentation. You always lose, in any case. Clearly, this stuff is over your head.

JBW said...

Bwahahaha! You're the toughest guy with a computer I know, Don.

Yeah, I didn't read the stuff you cut and pasted because I don't care about those people. And of course I don't support workplace intimidation; have you ever heard me say otherwise? I thought we'd covered this whole "not decrying something doesn't mean you endorse it" shit? And no matter what you might actually be a victim of it pales in comparison to the litany of things you constantly whine about being so.

You know why I really keep coming back here though, Don? It's because I'm continually fascinated by how impervious you are to irony. You're like that dude from Memento who can't remember anything from 30 seconds ago. I love it.

I wrote "calling people names and claiming that they're morally inferior to yourself" and then you immediately impugn my morality because I don't believe in your god but what: no name calling? What the hell? I know you consider the word "atheist" to be an insult but you could at least toss an "asshat" or "dumbfuct" out there while you're at it.

Although you did fulfill my prediction from yesterday: "I have no doubt that you'll try to distinguish between us with some grade school description of evil as it applies to me but that's to be expected (and slightly amusing)." Correct on all counts.

At some point in your life someone must have told you that merely insisting that you've won arguments means that you actually have. Ah, if only reality were as malleable as it is within that little brain of yours. Don't ever change, buttercup. Cheers.

AmPowerBlog said...

JBW: Calling me "tubby" and "victim" is not "winning" arguments.

The reason you're not banned is for the comedy value. YOU can't be made up, JBW. You're gold. Don't change. We love it. Black Flag made a song just about you: "No Values." It's perfect.

And debate? You think E.D. Kain contacted my college because he was "winning"? The guy's a coward. He's embarrassed at becoming an Andrew Sullivan butt-freak. Oh, that reminds me, you're a Sully butt-freak too. But that's why I like having you around. Moral clarity needs some lolz from time to time.

Toodles BF (butt-freak not best friend).

JBW said...

Uh, I'm not the one constantly insisting that I've bested you and everyone else I've ever argued with as if I needed to convince myself of that fact, that's your gig. I only call you "tubby" and "victim" to balance out the stream of invective coming from yourself. And also because they're both accurate descriptions of both your persona and spongy midsection.

And yeah, yeah, I'm sure it's myself who's the caricature and oh so entertaining. Originality doesn't appear to be one of your strong suits. Speaking of, you already posted the "No Values" video about me last year, remember? And then I posted "Fat" in response. Mine was funnier.

And I'm neither Kain nor am I Sullivan so go complain about them to someone who actually cares about where you work. I realize you have problems with homosexuals; it's just your generation. Hopefully your sons won't emulate your sexual and religious bigotry when they grow up, although I'm sure you're doing your best to make that happen. Good luck with that. Cheers.

Pat Patterson said...

And of all the people on Johnson's list the one missing is the only one who could fire Patterico. Steve Cooley but contacting Jerry Brown, the LAT and Mayor Villaraigosa (or until he gets another girl friend) seems calculated to end up as deleted.