Monday, August 15, 2011

Extremist NOH8 Campaign Exploits Christina Santiago Death for Crass Political Gain

This is disgusting.

They couldn't have just given her a beautiful commemoration. They had to turn Ms. Santiago death into sick sympathy shakedown:

Tragedies like this just illustrate how important it is for couples to have the rights that allow them to celebrate their love and their lives now.

Christina and Alisha were one of the first couples to get a civil union in Cook County when civil unions became legal in Illinois earlier this year. Those who claim the issue of same sex marriages and civil unions can "wait" should think hard about that idea after reading stories like these. This beautiful couple only had a short few months together to celebrate their civil union -- but we take solace in the fact they at least had that opportunity to prove their love to the world, however brief.
A beautiful young woman is dead. And LGBT ASFL NOH8 couldn't simply commemorate her life with dignity. These idiots had to turn it into some kind of epic guilt trip about "only" a few months to celebrate a civil union.

People die. And always, every death reminds us for whom the bell tolls. It tolls for thee.

A much more reserved article at Chicago Tribune, "Health center mourns staffer killed in Indiana State Fair stage accident."


PJ said...

Thank you for posting the link to the NOH8 page- I hadn't see it and I think it's very lovely.
I don't expect you to understand this, given what I see your site is about, but you are totally missing the point of what the NOH8 blog is saying about Christina. What you call "crass political gain" is just repeating that LGBT folks don't want to live as second-class citizens for ONE MORE SECOND because life is too short.

C.iA. said...

Your description of a "Sick sympathy shakedown" use of "extremist" is not okay. They are vehemently biting words and unnecessary.

This commentary is not something one wants to come across whence looking for information for Christina's memorial service.

Christina - like many of us - was for NOH8. She can no longer fight the good fight, so please don't make it harder for us with your strong commentary in the wake of her death.

Please take your post down.

C.iA. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
dave™© said...

Dear hste-filled wingnut asshole,

Go fuck yourself.

Too bad it wasn't a moron like you who got snuffed out instead of a loving person working to change the world for the better. The fewer clueless motherfuckers like you around, the better.

Did I tell you to go fuck yourself? Just checking...

salvage said...

Yeah, you're not very clever are you? For instance I don't think you know what "exploit" and "crass" means. See in this sort of situation you have to ask yourself would the statements made about the victim upset them?

While of course we could never know the answer for sure a likely guess would be that Christina would in all likelihood agree with NOH8's statement.

You on the other hand obviously have an issue with equality and it doesn't matter what NOH8 does you'll hate them either way.

Why is that?

cavorting with nudists said...

"This is disgusting" is very accurate. Oh wait--you were referring to your own hateful post, right, you sick, sorry excuse for a man?

cavorting with nudists said...

"This is disgusting" is a rare moment of insight and candor from you. Oh, wait, you werereferring to your own hate-filled post, right, you sick, sorry excuse for a man?

Andy O said...

Wow, you sure are being mean spirited and nasty to people who are in grieving. Do you have a soul? any humanity?

The mystery is why you think people need to have your acceptance on how they choose to grieve. It's incredibly arrogant. Do you make a habit of hanging out at funeral homes and scolding people who don't live their lives the way you think they should?

So much for personal liberty!

The thing is, the deceased was an activist. So she would no doubt be very happy with the way her friends have handled things.

And, she would probably think you are a ghoul. And would be entirely correct.

Pete said...

The tribute you linked to was movingly appropriate. Your post, however, was disgusting.

Its only merit is that now I know where to send a memorial donation, which I am about to do and which I encourage everyone else to do.

StopTheHate said...

You are a sick fuck. Words cannot describe how fucked in the head you are.

timwayne said...

I see no trace of empathy or humanity on this blog.

You're a cunt.

C.iA. said...

The gentleman who originally posted this obviously has some sort of deficiency or mental illness.

To those who've responded without thought: Hate breeds hate and can provide a warped satisfaction for the one who initiates it. Please everyone, stop posting hate to oppose the hate he has initiated.

To the person who originally posted... you need to take this post down.

Reyn said...

I'm sorry -- your post on this is NOT ok. If a Democrat who had fought for something all his or her life died, I would expect mention to be made of what that was, likewise a Republican. If a Syrian fighting for freedom dies, I would expect his revolutionary spirit to be celebrated, not hidden. This lovely young woman (younger than my older son) was an activist for rights for gay folk. There was nothing extreme about the organization celebrating that part of her life as well.

Your post really is NOT ok. You disgrace yourself and the church. Please, think long and hard on this and on what the real historic Christ might have done -- it absolutely was not this. I see why the young ones disparage such as you.