Saturday, August 20, 2011

Hate-Blogger™© W. James Casper and the Pro-Pedophilia Movement

W. James Casper = RACIST = REPSAC3 is all about live and let live and if it feels good do it. When conservatives express traditional moral values he attacks them as bigots. Like the endless progressive claims of "racism," W. James "Barebacker" Casper screams "BIGOTRY!!" like a headless horseman charging along full-steam until the word is denuded of all meaning. It's just an epithet for attacking folks because they find, say, male-on-male anal intercourse deviant and they don't believe that marriage can be defined outside of its essential meaning as biological union of man and woman for the lifelong purpose of love and regeneration of family. Same-sex partners cannot do that. And society is being forced to change the normative and legally accepted practice of marriage and turn it into something that it's not. And as we've seen in recent posts, today's truly extremist hatred and demonology is the exclusive domain of the progressive left. And W. James Casper is right up there as among the worst of the worst radical hate-bloggers in the world. No facts can get inside that warped mind. No outrage is evil enough to make W. James Casper speak up and cry, "Enough!'' Hate envelops all sense and meaning and moral right. Decency has been obliterated. Frankly, the dude's insane, so obsessed with this blog that it's consumed him. He's been warned of his perversion, and he's even admitted he can't stay away. It's a clinical derangement, no doubt. A sick stalker and hate-blogger, God help him. And while that's just sad, even worse is how badly he's being used by the netroots progressive fever swamp goons, who'd put a bullet in his head faster than sharing their last crust of bread. That's what communists do. They've driven God from their realm. Death and excoriation of the good is all that's left for them. It's pathetic.

In any case, considering that no social perversion is out of bounds for W. James Casper's sick socialist rim-station ideology, I'm putting money on it that he's down with the APA's push to legalize pedophilia. All American Blogger has a big write-up, "The Shadow Sexual Revolution – The Push To Legalize Pedophilia."
The current movement to legalize and normalize pedophilia may seem unrealistic to some. I have yet to have someone agree with me when I claim that it will be legal in the next 25-30 years. But there are many, as I have detailed here, who see pedophiles as an oppressed minority. They see the road to freedom as being the same road homosexuals marched down. The first step would be the removal of pedophilia as a mental illness, a move the APA has already considered. Then, using the research of Kinsey and others mentioned above, the move would be made to abolish the age of consent. With the seeming support of science, this could be possible and it would effectively legalize pedophilia. With the legal burden lifted, the effort would then shift to normalization and acceptance. This is done by pedophiles casting themselves as a minority, a victim of a culture that rejects them. March after march makes the sight of a fifty year old man giving a six year old boy a deep tongue kiss nothing more than a sign of America’s tolerance, regardless of who gets hurt.

There are some things we should not tolerate. The legalization and normalization of pedophilia is one of those things.
W. James Casper repeatedly claims that we shouldn't object to consenting homosexual couples engaging in any sex acts they see fit. Well, 5'll get you 10 that W. James Casper will offer the same kind of weaselly moral-free logic on the legalization of pedophilia debate. Hey, gay men knitting? Fine and dandy! Rim-station partying between CONSENTING adult homosexual extremists? No problemo!! Man-boy CONSENTING relations? Well, for Hate-Blogger™© W. James Casper, the more the merrier, right??!! Whoo hoo!! Nihilists of the world unite for some rough man-boy action!!


Anonymous said...

That there is even a pedophile-rights movement is horrifying.

As for Casper the Friendly Kid Toucher, I get the feeling if he's that bad, he'll screw himself before too long.

salvage said...


You really don't know the difference between consenting adults and children?