Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Obsessed Much? Charles Johnson Has Written Ten Posts Attacking Pamela Geller Since Anders Breivik's Norway Massacre

And that's just counting blog posts that include Pamela Geller's name in the title. There's a least a half-dozen more that feature Pamela as the main person of interest, for example, Mad King Charles' entry on the New York Times' hit piece on counter-jihad, "Killings in Norway Spotlight Anti-Muslim Thought in U.S."

And just today Mad Charles published, "Perfect Timing: Pamela Geller's New WND Book Echoes Oslo Terrorist's Book." That's a depraved comparison. The lowest of the sleazebag low. Think about it: One third of Anders Breivik's manifesto is a terrorist's handbook, with detailed outlines and planning from everything such as explosives to nuclear and radiological weapons. On the other hand, obviously, a look at the chapter outline of Pamela Geller's new book shows nothing even remotely similar. Pamela's book is a primer on creeping sharia, discussing growing Islamization, from government infiltration to the mass media to the mosqueing of schools and workplaces. The last chapter calls for greater institutional accountability and exhorts concerned citizens to increased voting participation to balance against aggressive Islam. Oh, the horrors!! Actually, not. There's no mixture ratios for ammonium nitrate fuel bombs. But Charles Johnson's stupid as well as depraved.

In any case, check Charles' "Lizardoid" Twitter feed for the links. The Pamela obsession is unhinged as it is, but put that on top of the Lizard Man's pathological lies and deranged distortions and scrubbing of his own background in counter-jihad, and you've really got a certified head case. See my earlier report, "Charles Johnson Browbeat Forbes' Abigail Esman After She Correctly Noted That Anders Breivik Voluminously Cited Little Green Footballs."

Given the nature of the blogosphere, perhaps it's to be expected. And folks have long known that Charles Johnson's got serious issues, but the Mad Lizaroid's now to the point of unhinged stalking. The dude needs help.


The Lonely Conservative said...

What a creep.

Donald Douglas said...

He's bad, but I especially hate how he gets a pass from MSM. He's cited at Breivik's manifesto close to 20 times.

ifyouseekpeace said...

What exactly is a "Charles Johnson" and Why would anyone click over there?

Right. Didn't think so.

Proof said...

iysp has got it right. Since the Chuckster became unhinged, I have no desire to visit his site and less desire to promote traffic there by mentioning He-Whose-Bicycle-Spokes-pictures-Shall-Not-be-named.

Donald Douglas said...

I provide no direct links, Proof. He gets no increase in rankings, and marginal traffic at best. On the other hand, we stand up against idiot tyrants with bad deeds in their hearts. Evil deserves a response, and Charles is over the line, big time.

Oze said...

You know what's funny? I used to read him all the time, but as he started going over the edge, I delisted him from my favorites, and actually, until I saw your post, forgot he was around. Oh well.

Zilla/MJ said...

I think he's not unlike a stalker and he may just be dangerous.

Don M said...

It is of sad.

He once had the best blogroll, and of course did a good job comparing Dan Rather's forged "Bush National Guard Memo" to MS Times New Roman, the default at that time on Word.

Then he started picking fights. I figure he got embarassed that he was so upset by Islamicist murderers of liberal New Yorkers that he allied with western civilization. Then the left, as they recovered, needed some sign that he was more upset by freedom and private property than by murders for the cause before they would invite him to the cool kids' paties.

Me, I don't go to parties.