Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Republicans Holds Four of Six Contested Seats in Wisconsin Recall Elections

William Jacobson warns not to celebrate just yet: "The Wisconsin Recalls Are Not Over." And he's right. Next week's recalls in Wisconsin will be crucial for control over the Senate. But I think a little celebration is in order. Don't you just love this screencap from the Los Angeles Times below. And I swear that Democrat on the right looks like she's wearing a shirt that reads, "Union Thug." Ha, ain't in the truth! And at the Times' article, "Parties seek clues for 2012 in Wisconsin recall election results."


William has more at Legal Insurrection, "“I can see 2012 from my house”," and "The Battle of Wisconsin was not Democrats’ finest hour."

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Dennis said...

My hope is that every state does what Wisconsin, a very blue state, did and that the unions are so wrapped up in their privilege that they bankrupt themselves. It is high time that union thugs lost their ability to threaten all of us.
My wife used to work for a car dealership that had several difference automobiles represented so it was indicative of industry. Beer cans welded to the frame filled with urine, ball bearings, et al. Extremely high reject rates of casings and other parts especially in UAW plants owned by the major car manufacturers. Things seem not to have changed because one hears of steering wheels coming off in one of Government Motors cars and with the "kneepad" press we are definitely not going to hear about the other failures to produce a quality product.
These thugs seem to not give a damn about those people who buy the product they have a part in making. I wonder if we went back and looked at the root causes of many accidents that were blamed on the automobile industry the percentage that was cause by these callous thugs.
As in Wisconsin, the unionization of public, dare I say, service employees always lead to corruption and the diminishing of choice for the tax payers who have to foot the bill. Just getting rid of the union backed insurance plans made it possible for school districts to keep, hire and have money to put towards educating children instead of filling some union thug's pocket.
One might wonder why I am so hostile to unions. It is because I have seen them threaten, extort, kill, destroy, control election outcomes and ultimate ruin almost everything they are associated.
Every time I see a bumper sticker that reads, Thank a teacher if you can read this" I wonder who do I blame for all of the children who cannot read, do simple math, understand their history or government, et al. Given the sorry state of education in this country, I am trying to figure out what it is that I am supposed to be applauding or be exhilarated about. It wasn't that long ago that boys were doing well in schools. Both boys and girls were doing well. What happened? Did the boys just all of a sudden lose their ability to learn and prosper in schools?
Just maybe our students will become indicative of their union education and become looters and rioters who think that they don't have to work for a living.