Friday, August 12, 2011

Ron Paul at GOP Debate: 'There Was No Al Qaeda in Iraq'

I almost fell on the floor listening to this guy. There used to be some kind of rule for excluding marginal candidates from these debates, and the organizing committees should have invoked it for Ron Paul years ago. What a disgrace:

See Sacremento Bee, "Paul and Santorum clash over US-Iran relationship."

Anyway, a big write up at NYT, "8 From G.O.P. Trade Attacks at Iowa Debate."


FrankKohn said...

Yeah, there's probably some gray area not considered in that comment...but I'm willing to bet Rep. Paul is still much closer to the truth than you are.


Donald Douglas said...

Frank, don't be a fucking idiot. Ron Paul's a whack job. No al Qaeda in Iraq. WTF? Nearly the entire al Qaeda global operation relocated to Iraq in, evidence points to a significant presence before 2003.