Wednesday, August 10, 2011

VIDEO Flashback: Armed Korean Grocers Defend Property During 1992 Los Angeles Riots

Via Legal Insurrection, "London Rioters Ran Rampant Over Disarmed Populace."

Click here to go straight to the video.

That's Crenshaw Boulevard and 59th Street, which was the epicenter of the rioting. And checking Wikipedia's entry:

Koreatown experienced the hardest crime and destruction of the ordeal. Hundreds of Korean owned businesses were looted, damaged or burnt down and an unknown number of Koreans physically attacked. By the second day of rioting, the LAPD and County Sheriff had been overpowered by the number of rioters forcing the departments to pull all units from patrol. As violent rioters next turned its attention to firefighters, the LAFD also recalled their teams. This left unchecked crime and fires which quickly expanded. The Korean American community, seeing the police force's abandonment of Koreatown, organized gun-wielding groups to protect businesses and area residents. Open gun battles were televised live as shopkeepers defended their business from the crowds of violent looters.
Commenters at my blog and elsewhere have stressed the absence of citizens' gun rights in Britain. And the National Post reports now that Londoners are looking to self-defense after the police proved worthless in defending life and property: "Groups of Londoners vow to take law into their own hands." Check that essay. British authorities are worried that "vigilante" violence could get out of control. Right. That's after half the city burned down. An armed society is a polite society. See also, "The government’s duty is to protect law and order, not rioters."