Wednesday, May 28, 2008

"And You Wonder Why US soldiers Are Being Blown Up on a Daily Basis..."

This is just in, from Little Green Footballs:

In order to stop this war, and any future American Wars of Aggression, those considering enlisting in the armed forces need to be stopped before they sign on the dotted line. They need to be shown that this is a choice with extreme consequences; that they will come home changed for the worse, physically, mentally or both; they need to be shown that patriotism, bravado, the youthful myth of immortality and the promise of $50,000 will not save them; they need to be shown that wars of aggression are NOT noble causes and that those who“give” their lives are not doing so for their country but for the greed of a few men in government and corporations.

Those who have come back from Iraq have learned all of the above the hard way. No one needs to follow in their footsteps. No one, given the chance, would choose to come back forgotten by their government and damaged for life - which is what happens when you fight to defend a lie instead of your country. Those in our government who sent these men and women off under the false banner of patriotism should be held accountable for their thoughtless and selfish actions.

And you wonder why US soldiers are being blown up on a daily basis, justify the means and keep killing innocent Iraqi civilians...
Actually, I don't wonder why Americans are being "blown up on a daily basis," but that's not the purpose of these comments, via the Huffington Post.