Monday, May 19, 2008

American Power: Member in Good Standing of Right-Wing Blogosphere!

Readers may recall how I routinely joke about my limited impact on the web, happily toiling away in the "9th tier" of the blogosphere.

Of course,
some of my readers have indulged me, suggesting that I underestimate the influence of American Power - but modesty is the best policy! So I'm intrigued, frankly, to be included in the second installment of the "The Official Village Voice Election-Season Guide to the Right-Wing Blogosphere."

But you've got to love the picture! Here's the stereotypical right-winger, according to the Village Voice mandarins:

Right Wing Blogosphere

I look nothing like that guy, LOL!

Yo, calling Captain Ed!

Here's this, though, from the post:

"Did [the California Supreme Court] just hand the state to McCain?" asked Instapundit. Ten points is a big spread to cover, but rightbloggers hope the shlockwaves will be felt nationwide — even though Obama has himself said he believes "marriage is between a man and woman." Ed Driscoll called Obama's position a "smoke-but-didn't-inhale nuanced all-bases-covered position" because the Senator otherwise favors civil rights for gay people, in Driscoll's view a fatal weakness. Power Line concurred: "There is good reason to believe that McCain's judicial appointees would approach the issue quite differently from a legal standpoint than Obama's would." That won't fit on a bumper sticker, so Ann Althouse suggested Republicans work their anti-gay magic in a whispering campaign: "McCain only needs to stimulate feelings that things are changing too fast, that courts are taking over too aggressively, and that unknown, worrisome things might happen — unless stable, restrained judges are put in place... Obama's message has been change. He's committed to that message, and it can be turned against him." So, what scares Americans more: four more years of Republican rule, or homosexuals? We wait breathlessly for Clio's judgment.
Well, well ... what company! Glenn Reynolds, Ann Althouse, and Power Line, among others!

I'm stylin'!!

Michelle Malkin's got a link at the post too - I hope I'm not getting that far right-wing!

Now, if I could just get some link love from
Newshoggers - then I could truly say goodbye to the lower 9th ward, ehh, I mean tier, lower 9th tier!!