Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Blind Hatred: President Bush and the American Left

The Conservative Voice has an interesting essay up today on the left's hatred of President Bush and his administration. Much of it is not new, but the piece reiterates a couple of points I've stressed lately.

the introduction:

Liberals have blindly hated president Bush so much that they cross the line into anti-Americanism while dressing it up as criticism of America or criticism of President Bush. They even have the nerve to compare President Bush to Adolf Hitler and president Bush's America to Adolf Hitler's Germany.Liberals have for a long time been trying to bring out the worst of our great nation America, even portraying Americans as fat idiots who eat at fast foods way too much. Especially those who disagree with liberal nonsense are especially portrayed as that. Europe is becoming the new model for liberals. So to liberals, it's the horrible America verses the wonderful heavenly Europe.
Okay, this passage on the European model's significant. Why? Look at the continental democracies, like France and Germany, as well as the Scandanavian states, for their social welfare systems. The American left wants to dramatically expand domestic spending programs, on health and the environment, paid for by a far-reaching redistribution of wealth from the highest incomes brackets to the lower quintiles. Further, the left wants the U.S. to emulate the advanced postmodern ideology in European states, where, for example, it's not unusual to hear stories of women foregoing children to "save" the earth.

Finally, the left loves the European model of national security, where the
weakening national commitment to large armed forces, amid continued utopianism regarding a "common European security," has shifted these societies to a near-permanent state of strategic unpreparedness. The American left would be in socialist heaven if its radical agenda in foreign policy results in a massive dismantling of the military-industrial sector, implemented in tandem with a dramatic reliance on international institutions for peace, such as the United Nations. Under this posture, the use of force, particularly unilaterally, is virtually out of the question.

But note another interesting blip in
the Conservative Voice's essay, on the propensity for advocating nihilist violence among prominent far-left spokesmen:

Liberals, who favored the trying and any punishment on Pinochet for his human rights violations, whitewash Fidel Castro and favored the Sandinistas, both of whom were far worse than Pinochet.

Cuban-Americans, who flee Cuba on a raft out of desperation to get out of that poverty-stricken island, are bashed and shunned by liberals including the political correct guys.

Extreme leftist Alexander Cockburn, who is a contributor to the anti-American and anti-Israel extreme leftist Counterpunch Newsletter and a syndicated columnist said, 'There is a sound case to be made for dropping a tactical nuclear weapon on the Cuban section of Miami. The move would be applauded heartily by most Americans. Alas, Operation Good Riddance would require the sort of mature political courage sadly lacking in Washington, D.C., these days.' Gees, does that sound like the "tolerant left," who are bashing the Cuban-American community, which is one of the most patriotic and pro-American communities in this great nation America. Cockburn was not condemned for making that bigoted horrible remark [emphasis added].
Of course he wasn't condemned. The hard left cheers noxious statements such as Cockburn's - such sentiments are pretty much SOP over on the dark side of the political spectrum.

Hats off to the
Conservative Voice!