Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Bomb, Bomb Iran

Via Stan Rosenthal, here's a mock-up of John McCain's rendition of "Barbara Ann":

For the record, I'm posting this in jest.

If readers would like serious dicussion of the military option against Tehran's nuclear intransigence, see Norman Podhoretz, "
The Case for Bombing Iran."

Some responses to the article can be found at
Powerline, where Podhoretz is quoted:

In the months since the article was posted on the Internet, I have been described throughout the blogosphere as “pathological scum,” a “morally repugnant cretin,” a “superannuated Zionist hack,” a “war criminal,” “a traitor to the U.S.,” and a “threat to our grandchildren”—not to mention other even more colorful characterizations unfit for quotation in a family magazine.
That vitriol's not surprising, considering the extant hatred for the evil neocons at home and abroad.

For some scholary perspectives on Iran, nuclear weapons, and preemption, see Whitney Raas and Austin Long, "
Osirak Redux? Assessing Israeli Capabilities to Destroy Iranian Nuclear Facilities," International Security (Spring 2007), Colin Dueck and Ray Takeyh, "Iran’s Nuclear Challenge," Political Science Quarterly (Summer 2007), and Ivo Daalder and James Steinberg, "Preventive War," A Useful Tool," Los Angeles Times (December 2005).