Sunday, May 25, 2008

How Many Gaffes Can Obama Get Away With?

Here's this, from Jammie Wearing Fools:

How many gaffes can a politician get away with?

Obviously none if you're a Republican.

But Barack Obama can pretty much
say anything and the media brushes it off.

Aren't double standards wonderful?
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And more:

Perhaps all the sunshine here in the Sunshine State is getting to Barack Obama. On his third day of campaigning in the state, Obama notably flubbed the name of the city where his campaign rally was taking place. “I am so glad to be in Florida, and I am so glad to be in Sunshine,” Obama said at the top of his remarks. Unfortunately, the name of the city is “Sunrise.”

At four different points during the speech, Obama referred to the town as “Sunshine,” as opposed to “Sunrise.” Amazingly, the crowd of 16,000 played along and no one corrected him. Sunrise is a city in Broward County, possibly best known for its role in 2000 presidential election.

Obama said he regrets not having campaigned in Florida, and said he will make up for “some lost time.” He also assured the voters that Florida delegates will be seated at the Democratic Convention in August. “They will be participating, your voices will be heard and most importantly we will work together to make sure that Florida goes Democrat in November and so does the rest of the country,” Obama said.