Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Close Combat: Helmand Province, Afghanistan

While everyday Americans are cocooned at home, shopping at the mall, watching the latest Blake Lively video on their laptop, or even protesting the evil Bush/Cheney cabal in Washington, our brave U.S. Marines are busy fighting in Helmand Province, Afghanistan:


See more at the Daily Mail:

A Marine just millimetres from death as a bullet whistled past his head had the moment of his miraculous survival caught in a dramatic series of pictures.

Under fire from Taliban fighters on the Afghan frontline, the American solider shelters in a muddy trench baked dry in the Helmand province's searing heat.
Hat tip: The Drawn Cutlass


Anonymous said...

Yeah, but this dumbass Marine has no idea what he is doing. If he had died in this incident, his family would not have gotten ANY of his life insurance money. He's wearing NONE of his protective gear. he has no Kevlar, no neck protector, no chest plate, no ballistic eyewear, no ballistic vest. this shitbag wasn't doing the right thing, and he paid the price. That's what you get when you're a dumbass marine. Go Army.

Anonymous said...

Mother Fucker. You wern't even there! You don't know how it was there. You probabley haven't done a fucking thing in your life. Stay the fuck out of our buisness, and the reason they sent the Marines there was because they didn't think the Army could handle it. "Nato request 10,000 soilders to help ISAF in combat operations in Helmand Province. Sec Defense sends 3000 Marines to do the job of 10,000 soilders." Got anything else to say bitch? Cuz we are state side now. Come to Camp Lejeune, NC and talk your shit.

Anonymous said...

Thats Rambo

a jack with one eye said...

to anonymous: i agree with 1/6, you are a fucking retard. the reason he had no protective gear is because it was an ambush on a BP that was just getting set up.

it's alright though, i won't blame you for your ignorance because i know as an army chef you have no combat experience or deployments under your belt. why don't you think before you speak, and realize that your jealousy stems from the fact that the Marine Corps will always be better trained, faster, more tenacious, and more experienced than the army.

Anonymous said...

Amen, you have no idea what this guy was doing probaly getting rest, eating chow digging in etc who knows. Marines took over Al Anbar - triangle of death and through blood - WON. Now Marines are going to take over Helmand the newest most dangerous place on earth and dominate - Again. Go Army ??? How about go give the Marines some of your gadgets and your women and get the F&%k out of the way.

Paul B fmr Fox 2/1

Anonymous said...

Para UK.
annon is definatly an armchair computer fighter (twat)! never seen real action.
if annon took the time to study the photo, there is a second marine in the back ground in exactly same attire. ambush is the usual cause of a stand to without full kit lets hope marine No.1 took out a rag head.
Semper Fi

Anonymous said...

That piece of Army POG shit has no idea what he's talking about, but does that surprise anyone? That sums up their mentality right there: "Oh shit, ambush? Let's run like pussies to put all our PPE on....so we can get in Strykers and drive away." I had the opportunity to spend some time working for 1/6 after they got back, I transferred in there for a few months. One of the most professional and dedicated groups of people you will ever meet, in or out of the military. Those who have been and know do....those who haven't and don't talk. Keep talking.