Friday, May 23, 2008

The Standard World-View of the American Left

I just deleted a few neo-confederate hate comments attacking this morning's post, "Resisting Anti-Neocon Fervor: The Stakes in Election '08."

It's actually amazing: I get more
tin-hats over here slurring the neocons than I do the nihilist lefties to which I direct my posts!

I'm not saying I don't get any
hard-left denial masters slinking around ... I get plenty!

I guess I'm doing my job!

In any case, I'm certainly not the only one who's noticed the appeasment, demonic denialism, and
self-hatred of the postmodern left - and thank goodness!

Slightly Loony's take on Senator Joseph Biden's essay today, where the Senator argues - in the classic Democratic partisan mode - that the world's more dangerous because of GOP policies:

This is the standard world-view of the American Left, and no matter how many times I hear it or read it, it still staggers me. It boils down to two articles of faith:

  1. The terrorists attacking our nation are not a serious, much less existential, threat; they are most appropriately dealt with by police forces, not the military.

  2. The world is more dangerous today than it was eight years ago, because of our aggressive war on terror.

It's very difficult for me to believe that any informed person would believe the first article – there is simply too much hard, verified evidence to the contrary. I'm reminded of the many stories about the Jews who refused to leave Hitler's Germany, simply not believing that the Nazi's intended them great harm. But at least those Jews had the excuse that solid information was hard to come by. This is not the case today...

The left's second article of faith could simply be shameless electoral pandering, but based on a number of conversations I've had with true believers, I think that many of them actually believe this. They seem to think that because they're saying over and over again that the world is now a more dangerous place, that it really is more dangerous now. Never mind those huge arrays of pesky facts to the contrary (especially the one that's most important to me: we have not had any successful terrorist attacks on U.S. territory since 9/11). That's all ignorable in the face of their relentless repetition of what they apparently want to believe: that fighting back against the evil of terrorism makes the world worse.

It's depressing to read things like Biden's bilious bullshit, and realize that something like half of my fellow countrymen would agree with it...

I particularly like Slightly Loony's analogical reasoning! More history!!

See also, Dr. Sanity, "
Deep Denial."