Friday, May 23, 2008

Resisting Anti-Neocon Fervor: The Stakes in Election '08

In my previous post, I jcalled for conservatives to reconsider the immigration controversy and to unite decisively behind a broad victory coalition for November.

As readers know, I've made the case that biggest threat to the United States is
the hard-left alliance of socialism and Islam, a movement that's seeking an American surrender in Iraq and the deligitimization of Israel. The left has long mounted a demonization campaign against the Bush administration's foreign policy, and especially the neoconservative foundations of America's forward policy of democracy promotion and free markets in the developing world.

These are the stakes for the election, and
TRex reminds us one more time what we're up against:


TRex add this:

The criminal cartel that has ass-f#$*!d our country (and thereby the world) with a running chain-saw for the last seven years is having some problems with “their brand”.
He then points to Memeorandum's reference to the media attention on last week's GOP losses at the polls.

TRex evinces a classic psychotic preoccupation with Jewish neoconservatives. Rooted in BDS, this extremism represents the most hardened nihilism on the radical left, tendencies on display recently in outbursts of far-left anti-Semitism.

blogged previously at Firedoglake, a blog which last week announced a pogrom whose goal was to "flush these neocons out of our political system, once and for all."

The political demonization of the "evil" neocons - accompanied here by totalitarian calls to "render them harmless" - is not new. As
Jamie Kirchick wrote recently:

Today, no other political label gets thrown around as frequently, or with as much reckless abandon, as “neocon.” The most popular liberal blogs name and shame neocons, real or imagined, on a daily basis. The term is used in a fashion similar to the way “communist” was during the 1950s—an all-encompassing indictment—this time indicating an imperialistic and “warmongering,” even an “insane,” worldview. The anti-neocon fervor has reached truly McCarthyite proportions: just a few months ago, Steve Clemons of the left-wing New America Foundation argued in favor of “Purging the Neocons from the American Soul.”
Readers should take this talk of "flushing" the evil neocons, who have "ass-f#$*!d" the country, for what it is: A revolutionary call for the social reengineering of society, complete with a reign of national pacification.

TRex is apparently
a big fan of Barack Obama, and he's even willing to give faux-conservatives a hearing in hatching his plans for neocon eradication.

Don't believe it?
TRex describes the presumptive GOP nominee as a "pencil-dicked old pus-stain." The 20th-century saw ideological movements using similar terminology.

This is the nature of the "
no enemies on the left" coalition I've identified previously.

Please distribute this post widely. Conservatives need to be clear -
and get it together, okay - on the true evil facing the country.

See also, "
If You Truly Want Hope and Change for the World, Try Neoconservatism."


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