Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Democrats Confident on November Victory

Gallup reports that 6 in 10 Democrats feel confident on winning in November:

Democrats are much more confident that their party will win the November presidential election than are Republicans.

A new Gallup Panel survey, conducted May 19-21, finds 61% of Democrats saying they are confident their party will win the election, including 35% who are "very confident." Meanwhile, only 39% of Republicans are confident, with only 13% saying they are very confident.

Thus, rank-and-file Republicans are aware the party faces an uphill battle in retaining the White House given the problems in the economy, an ongoing and unpopular war, and an incumbent Republican president with some of the lowest job approval ratings in Gallup Poll history.

While Republicans generally agree that their odds of winning are long, a majority (58%) believe that likely presidential nominee John McCain gives the GOP the best chance of any of this year's Republican candidates of winning the election.
Maybe some of that "conservative loathing of McCain" has died down a bit.