Thursday, May 22, 2008

Whoa, I Just Got to Know...

Readers may have noticed that so far I've included only British musical artists in my lightening up series.There's no reason - it's just worked out that way, but I have been meaning to throw in some American artists to start rounding things out.

So, to get started, please enjoy, Junior Walker and the All Stars, "
What Does It Take (To Win Your Love)?":

The Wikipedia entry for the band is here. "What Does It Take?" was released in 1969, and reached #4 on the pop charts and was ultimately a #1 R&B hit.

I always loved the song for its saxophone, and it's one of those songs that brings memories back from listening to the radio as a child. I never knew much about Junior Walker, but the song was always wonderful to hear.

I'll have more later, but for newer readers, you might see my opening post in the series, where I explain the extraordinary significance of music in my life: "Lightening Up by Gently Weeping."