Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Linda Douglass, Top-Tier Journalist, Joins Obama Campaign

Linda Douglass, a contributing editor for National Journal, and a former Capital Hill correspondent for ABC News, has joined the Barack Obama presidential campaign as a senior campaign spokesperson.

Marc Ambinder spoke with Douglass to confirm her appointment, and she explained her move to partisan politics like this:

"I see this as a moment of transformational change in the country and I have spent my lifetime sitting on the sidelines watching people attempt to make change. I just decided that I can't sit on the sidelines anymore."

Sure, and a possible gig as press secretary in an Obama administration might have been an attractive prospect as well.

I'm just amazed at all of this talk of "transformation." I've always admired Douglass, especially back when she was with ABC News, years ago, when Peter Jennings anchored, if I recall. She seemed to be a powerful embodiment of journalistic integrity and professionalism.

Now I'm wondering if she's not only crassly opportunistic, but bamboozled by this Obama-messiah cult of personality that's enveloped the campaign.

I shouldn't begrudge her too much, actually. I'll have a bit more respect for the Illinois Senator if additional personalities like Douglass join his campaign.