Thursday, May 29, 2008

Peace Fascists

In the comments to my entry on "pacifascists," my good blog buddy Wordsmith noted that he'd coined the term "peace fascists," and his reference was to "Code Pink":

Code Pink "Bushie"

Code Pink Support the Resistance

Code Pink was active on the Memorial Day weekend protesting a John McCain stop in Stockton, California.

I'm still deciding on how to use the "peace fascist" terminology, but let's
review a little about these folks:

Unless you travel in Marxist circles or work for the FBI or CIA, the names of the Code Pink moms may not ring a bell with you, though you’ve probably been reading news reports about their collective exploits for years. In the wake of their war against capitalism and self-determination, they’ve left a trail of anarchy and destruction that has cost property owners, corporations and consumers millions of dollars.

Naturally, they’ve toned their Marxist rhetoric down for their stint with Code Pink. Though they’ve taken great pains to differentiate themselves from the other, more radical anti-war protesters, they are one and the same. The leaders of Code Pink didn’t merely take part in the Washington and San Francisco protests that made international headlines – they also organized them. In the process, they’ve provided a rare public glimpse of the faces behind the modern, highly organized American Marxist movement. Needless to say, these women have little in common with the carpool moms of America.
I'm frankly more comfortable in identifying them this way.

But here's more:
Look at the REAL enemies of America. By their own words, they destroy property and target the innocent. These groups and people are TERRORISTS in every sense of the word. The sooner that these people are seen for what they truly are, the better it is for the rest of the world.
And just think, this stuff's hitting close to home: "Code Pink Hits Orange County."

Yikes, Red Dawn!

Back later, I need to batten down the hatches!