Sunday, May 25, 2008

RFK Comment: Last Straw for Hillary?

Michael Goodwin suggests that Hillary Clinton's reference to Robert Kennedy's assassination while campaigning against Barack Obama could be the last straw for her campaign.

Meanwhile, the Washington Post suggests that Hillary's comments were "

If I had to choose, I'd vote Hillary in the Democratic primaries, but having said that, I'm inclined to go along with
this argument from Neocon Express:

I really do want to give Mrs. Clinton the benefit of the doubt here...people utter things in the heat of a campaign that may be true but are better left unsaid. But I sense that this comment came from deep down somewhere in the darkest corners of her mind. Nobody just blurts out this kind of thing in public. She had been thinking about it... hopefully not hoping for such a horrible tragedy, but one cannot help but wonder if her ceaseless ambition, her devastating sense of disappointment, hasn't finally driven her to the brink of madness. And this at a moment when Bobby Kennedy's brother Ted is diagnosed with brain cancer.
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