Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Neocons for Obama?

I thought the far-left was schizophrenic!

Now we have news that an erstwhile neoconservative
has endorsed Barack Obama?

Francis Fukuyama, a registered Republican and a central figure in the rise of neoconservatism in the 1980s, widens his break with the movement by endorsing Barack Obama for president. Of Republicans, Fukuyama says, "Their two big things are fear of [terrorism] and fear of immigrants - that's not an agenda." He describes Obama as "the only one of the candidates who can escape the polarization" of American politics. Fukuyama's support should help Obama win over the critical swing voting bloc of political science graduate students.
Well, we already know that paleocons are for Obama, so with Fukuyama's switch the fervid antiwar base is getting some "end of history" enlargement!