Thursday, October 22, 2009

Bachmann, Palin Back Hoffman in NY-23

From the Politico, "Bachmann Backs Hoffman in NY 23." And, from the Weekly Standard, "Breaking: Palin Supports Hoffman."

And then contrast those endorsements to the lead entry at the Memeorandum snapshot, with Newt Gingrich's plea, "
On the NY23 Race, We Have A Practical Choice To Make." Notice the fourth entry down is David Frum, "Prelude to Republican Fratricide":

The subtitle to Frum's piece reads:

GOP candidates in New York and New Jersey should be cruising to victory this November. But angry conservatives would rather hand power to Democrats than help moderate Republicans win.
So, you've got a former arch-conservative House Speaker and a former speechwriter for President George W. Bush who would rather elect leftist RINOs to office than true conservative standard-bearers. And with Representative Bachmann and Sarah Palin weighing in on the side of Doug Hoffman, the "fratricide" is a figment of David Frum's imagination. All we need is a Charles Johnson post to complete the trifecta (nothing on this currently at LGF, but there will be, bet your bottom dollar).

Actually, Michelle Malkin's post captures it best, "
WITHDRAW — It's Time for the GOP to Cut Bait on Radical Leftist Dede Scozzafava."

More on this later.

In the meantime, please join me in making a contribution to Doug Hoffman's campaign. Here's the page, "
Doug Hoffman for Congress."


Mark Harvey said...


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Thanks Mark!

Dave said...

Sarah Palin backing Hoffman was a deliciously swift kick right in Newt's nuts, as well as a shot across Michael Steele's bow.

It's time put the RINOs in a zoo, where they belong.

If the party leadership isn't down with that, then perhaps the next round of Tea Parties needs to be in the parking lot of the RNC headquarters building.

I'll go if I have to bleepin' hitch-hike.


Republican Redefined said...

She is anything but a genuine conservative. She is a fair-weather sideshow coming in at the final hour on this race only to seal the unfortunate fate of Doug Hoffman. If he was gaining any momentum it will surely be lost as the news of her endorsement spreads through the District. For every vote she may bring to the polls through her "popularity" she will bring three Democrats into the fold. Her endorsement called upon images of Reagan and true conservatism - sadly this is a vision she can only play lip service to as it is certainly not a reflective of her own ideological composition.