Friday, October 2, 2009

Conservatives Rooting Against America? Yeah. Right. It's Obama's EPIC FAIL, Not America's

Okay, full disclosure: At first I wasn't all that worked up over President Obama's Olympics lobbying. Yeah, the push for Chicago had all the by-now routine markings of Democratic crony corruption, and America REALLY has more pressing problems for the president than to fly off to Copenhagen when unemployment's topping 10 percent and American casualties are piling up in Afghanistan. But now, yeah, you know --- I am pretty bothered by this. I'm especially bothered at the how the Democratic-leftists are now trying to spin the right's reaction to both the administration's stupidity and incompetence as cheering against America. I mean look at how dramatic this Media Matters video is, "Rooting Against America: Fox News Assaults Chicago's Olympics Bid":

And this one, "Rooting Against America: Beck, Right Wing Cheer Elimination Of Chicago's Olympic Bid":

AOSHQ has a post up taking Glenn Thrush to task for whitewashing of the Democratic Party's America-bashing and nihilistic cut-and-run defeatism. See, "Republicans Rooting Against America?" Ace won't link to his key example, but here's this from Salon, "Liberation Day":
I have a confession: I have at times, as the war has unfolded, secretly wished for things to go wrong. Wished for the Iraqis to be more nationalistic, to resist longer. Wished for the Arab world to rise up in rage. Wished for all the things we feared would happen. I'm not alone: A number of serious, intelligent, morally sensitive people who oppose the war have told me they have had identical feelings.
And naturally, that's just one example. As I often point out, Newshoggers cheered when al Qaeda in Iraq started using female Down syndrome suicide bombers to kill and maim American troops and Iraqi civilians. That was a "brilliant tactical adaptation." It's no coincidence that right now the top post at Newshoggers claims that "the Afghan election was always going to be a McChrystalization of all that's wrong with the occupation." Right. And that's the Democrats' "good war," remember, the "war of necessity." Just this week Digby encapsulated Democratic Party betrayal of America in Afghanistan:
The Democrats backed themselves into defending the idea of Afghanistan being The Good War because they felt they needed to prove their macho bonafides when they called for withdrawal from Iraq. Nobody asked too many questions sat the time, including me. But none of us should forget that it was a political strategy, not a serious foreign policy.
And, of course, Media Matters --- financially-backed by the anti-American George Soros --- has long mounted a campaign of defeat for America in Iraq. As David Horowitz and Ben Johnson point out regarding Soros-financed Party antiwar establishment:
While American forces battled al-Qaeda and Ba’athist insurgents in the Iraqi capital, the Democratic National Committee released a television ad that focused not on winning those battles, but on the very legitimacy of the war ....

In the midst of a war, and in the face of a determined terrorist resistance in Iraq, Democrats had launched an attack on America’s presence on the field of battle.
See also this post at Michelle Malkin's, "Media Matters In the Meme Streets of Baghdad" (on the leftist media generally):
Curiously enough, every time a major media source blows a story, they do so by publishing something that advances the message of the “emerging defeat” in Iraq, and that only thing we can do is to manage that inevitable defeat.
Folks can see why I'm frustrated. Leftists are the true haters and cheerleaders for America's destruction.

The loss of the Olympic bid today was a failure of Barack Obama, his corrupt adminisration, and his morally bankrupt party. Conservatives want them to fail, not the United States of America.


Law and Order Teacher said...

Let me get this straight. Rooting against America in Iraq/Afghanistan vs. saying the Olympic bid was a waste of money. Are they the same?

Jordan said...

Only if you think KSM deserves pampering and Christians deserve hate.

Dennis said...

Ratiocination has never been the Left's strong point. As usual they revert to all they have and that is name calling and the actions of school yard bullies.

Reaganite Republican said...

What a shame the racketeering scum of the Chicago Machine won’t have this windfall to skim-off of, LOLOL

Aren't things going great since Valerie Jarret has been running the country?

Stogie said...

I have no doubt that Obama's interest in the Olympics was to fund his cronies and pals back in Chicago. I have no doubt that somehow a lot of that money would flow to him. Chicago politics are the politics of the underworld. I'm glad that the Chicago machine was defeated.

Rich Casebolt said...

A leader whose symbol is Zero
With his wife and Ms. Winfrey a trio
Thought they had the spark
To prevail in Denmark
But the Olympics instead went to Rio