Monday, October 12, 2009

Peshawar Carnage: 41 Dead as Taliban Siege of Pakistan Continues; Obama Cowardice Enables Militant's Impunity!

Four blasts in eight days. Monday's bombing in Peshawar shows who's in control in Pakistan. Both the New York Times and Wall Street Journal have reports. Here's this from WSJ:

A suicide car bombing aimed at Pakistani soldiers in the country's volatile northwest killed at least 41 people Monday, the fourth terror attack in eight days and, said the Taliban, a sign of more to come.

Pakistan is reeling under a wave of suicide attacks that has in just over a week hit the country's military headquarters, a U.N. office in Islamabad, a crowded urban market and now a rural military patrol, killing nearly 120 people since Oct. 5. The attacks come after a relatively quiet summer and have served as a stark reminder of the threat still posed by Islamist militants, despite recent military efforts to beat them back.

Pakistani officials say the attacks are likely to hasten the start of a long-planned ground offensive against a major Taliban stronghold in the South Waziristan tribal area, which lies on the Afghan border. The area has been under heavy air and artillery bombardment from the military for months.
More at the link.

And what's Barack "Neville" Hussein going to do? See my earlier report for an indication, "
Intelligence Assessments: Al Qaeda/Taliban Cohesion Greater Than Pre-9/11."

How long are the Democrats going to argue that Americans have no interest in defeating the Taliban? Here's Democratic Representative James McGovern on Sunday's This Week:

When I voted to use force to go to war after 9/11, I think I and everyone else in Congress voted to go after Al Qaida. That was our enemy. And Al Qaida has now moved to a different neighborhood, in Pakistan, where, quite frankly, they're more protected.

What better statement of cut-and-run are we going to find? Well, actually President Neville Hussein did just argue that the "Taliban Killers Can Be Part of Afghanistan’s Government." So who knows? The president can thank the Nobel Committee for giving him additional cover for a precipitous withdrawal. In that case, "peace" means "peace of mind" in the West -- as hundreds die in the barbarian siege in the Qaeda-Taliban-Lashkar heartland.

It almost unbelievable, but this is what you get when you hand the reins of foreign policy to the Democratic (Socialist) Party.


prying1 said...

"The president can thank the Nobel Committee for giving him additional cover for a precipitous withdrawal."

If not for this the 'peace prize' would be laughable.

Tom the Redhunter said...

One reason that the Taliban are on the offensive now is that they are trying to demoralize America and persuade Obama that the war is unwinnable.

The question is whether the president takes the bait. I sincerely hope he adopt's General McChrystal's recommendations, but the Administration is throwing off signals that that is not to be the case.

Dave said...

This is what happens when you elect a community agitator as CIC in the middle of a war.

Elections have consequences - even irreparable ones.


dave in boca said...

What Dave said.... I was in Peshawar years ago when it was filled with refugees from the Soviet war games.

Obama is a coward and a loo-zer, and probably a Manchurian Candidate, mutatis-mutandis.

Pakistan is the keystone to stopping the AlQ/Taliban putsch and this sophomoric retard thinks he can negotiate with the "nice ones?" Now we know why his "grad thesis" on US/Soviet disarmament at Columbia U "disappeared!" It's obviously a roadmap to surrender to the "nice guys" over on the other side, so maybe they'll treat us well.