Sunday, October 4, 2009

Rachel Maddow Attacks Robert Stacy McCain as White Supremacist

From Pat in Shreveport, "Rachel Maddow Attacks Stacy McCain":

Rachel Maddow on Meet the Press this morning, called Robert Stacy McCain a white supremacist. I'm thinking she's been listening to Charles Johnson a little too much.

The panel was discussing the Sarah Palin book,
Going Rogue, when Maddow offers her criticism of Lynn Vincent, Palin's ghostwriter. Maddow explains that Lynn Vincent "co-authored a book with a guy who is widely believed to be , and I believe him to be, a white supremacist. So she's [Palin] chosen Lynn Vincent who has written a book with a white supremacist to write her book." Robert Stacy McCain and Lynn Vincent co-authored Donkey Cons: Sex, Crime, and Corruption in the Democratic Party in 2006.

Slide on over to 8:00 for the quote.

Go to this link for the video (opens in a new window).

I've already testified with all my strength to Robert Stacy McCain's goodness, fairness, and racial evenhandedness. I know this is not a racist man. But for whatever statements he's made, or that have falsely been attributed to him, the radical left is using Robert Stacy McCain to score libelously cheap political points.

I've noted as well that Charles Johnson's turned his entire blogging platform into destroying the reputations of others. You can check his page right now on a cached Google copy. I don't see the Maddow video up yet, but he's got running headlines including fabulist tales such as "Sarah Palin's Book Ghostwritten by Associate of White Supremacist McCain."

And to be clear, what evidence does anyone need anymore that Charles Johnson is no longer conservative? From Rachel Maddow to Andrew Sullivan, Little Green Footballs is the go-to libel blogging site par excellence.

And don't miss Saber Point, "
If You Just HAVE to Visit "Little Green Footballs,' Here's the Way To Do It."

Also, nothing yet on today's news from Robert Stacy McCain, but see yesterday's entry, "
Sometimes You Have to Wonder . . .


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