Thursday, August 12, 2010

Racism Roundup — Horrible RAAAAACIST Reaction to Jersey Shore Obama-Osama Fun Zone

Folks should check the comments at Gawker, "Horrible Obama-Smashing Carnival Game Wows Jersey Shore Patrons."

I swear, leftists are
the biggest racists. Where do people get this stuff?

my post the other day.

While I thought the Obama-Rama game disrespectful,
I noted that "at least it gives desperate lefties another chance to scream RAAAAACIST!!"

And right on cue, here's some of the responses, illustrated
with ugly Jim Crow racist illustrations, with applause from the usual suspects:
Another day, another post about prejudice and racism in America. Ah! just another normal day in post-racial America. Let me go back to drinking my tea and reading my newspaper. What else is new?

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