Sunday, December 26, 2010

Americans Have Strayed From Our Core Values of Social Justice?

From the letters to the editor at the Los Angeles Times:.

Thanks to Bilmes for articulating the deep-down challenge for Americans today.

What exactly are the values and priorities that underlie our legislation and voting?

Bilmes reminds us that the "president needs to lead the country in restoring our compassion and sanity." We would all do well to remember that the true values of a country are reflected in how it treats its most vulnerable citizens.

I believe we have strayed from our values of social justice by focusing on tax cuts for the rich and not on the common good.

Claire Marmion

Long Beach
The original Bilmes article is here.No doubt Ms. Marmion speaks for a large percentage of Americans who are either ignorant of our core values or they have abandoned them as "racist" and "hegemonic" vestiges of the "archaic" contstitutional order upon which this nation was founded.

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