Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Michael Moore Repudiates 'Hooey' Rape Comments During Rachel Maddow Show Trial — BUMPED AND UPDATED!

It's really hard to watch these people. Michael Moore especially.

He keeps saying stuff about "what it means to be an American," and then --- like Nina Totenberg --- has to apologize for an outright affirmation of Christianity. (Asking if it's okay to say you're Christian? Only on MSNBC, I guess, or NPR.) But frankly, I tuned in because basically this Rachel Maddow episode was a Michael Moore show trial for the benefit of rape victims and their advocates in the radical feminist community. It's not my bailiwick, but it's been an unusual week for progressive feminist advocacy groups. And I guess it needs to be said, but there's nothing okay about rape --- and there obviously shouldn't be anyone who's actually "for it." But for the feminist left's sexual assualt grievance industry --- folks will recall --- marriage is legalized rape. And as we saw with this big debate over the sexual assault allegations against Julian Assange in Sweden, if one didn't come down on the side of the accusers they were quickly excommunicated from the progressive community (Naomi Wolf, for example, but see, "Making Sense of Wikileaks, Julian Assange, Rape, Michael Moore, Naomi Wolf, and Keith Olbermann"). This is also interesting since for some reason Robert Stacy McCain wrote a bizarre essay in response to a set of literally unhinged questions regarding his positions on rape, purportedly posed by Elizabeth Blackney. Folks need to just read the whole thing for themselves. I'm not out to defend Robert. What's interesting is that some on the left went more aggressive against McCain than they did against Michael Moore. I mean, seriously. Tommy Christopher? Who gives a fuck what that guy thinks? And Mediaite who? People like this are the dregs of the new media establishment --- bottom suckers looking to scrape off something halfway newsworthy, punching the clock for another day's sleazy dollar. It's pathetic. In any case, as for Michael Moore, I think he's back in good with the neo-Stalinist feminist bloc. The recantation begins just after 7:00 minutes. He's very sincere. No longer are the allegations against Assange a bunch of "hooey," but are instead of the gravest nature, and "have to be treated very seriously." And speaking of serious: Look at the intensity of the audience when the camera pans around the auditorium. It's like a general assembly of Soviet commissars. One false utterance and it's the gulag for the defendant. And then once cleared, Moore shifts the focus to the WikiLeaks criminal enterprise, and spins more collectivist lies on how noble this operation is. At 9:10 minutes, for example, Moore claims that American soldiers "murdered" Iraqi civilians from a helicopter in Iraq. The whole "Collateral Murder" propaganda campaign was proven completely false, of course. U.S. forces were engaged with insurgents on the ground throughout the morning, and an examination of the WikiLeaks video indicates U.S. troops following rules of engagement to the letter. Michael Moore is a disgusting hack, a liar recycling untruths on national television. The whole thing is sickening to me, creepy even. Julian Assange is a national security threat. He should be brought to justice in the United States. But the latest WikiLeaks circus has once again clarified the loyalties of those of America's Fifth Column plugging away at the evisceration of the United States. Michael Moore, Rachael Maddow --- they're both top operatives in the progressive left's longstanding neo-communist program of delegitimation and destruction. And it won't be long now, but the controversy over the Assange rape charges will blow over. Michael Moore has paid penance tonight to the mass proletarian overlords. He should be safe now, or at least until he gets cocky again and bloviates with another untimely "Countdown" hooey gaffe.


UPDATE: I pretty much scooped the entire blogosphere on this!

Anyway, Dan Collins responds directly: "My 2 Cents Regarding the Tommy Christopher/Stacy McCain Kerfuffle."

Tommy Christopher blows off my essay, with falacious spite, I might add. His essay's here, published almost twelve hours after I posted: "Michael Moore Changes Tune On Assange Charges, Does Not Directly Address Protest."

On a related note, I had a brief exchange with a feminist named Amadi on Twitter. She dismissed me as a "mansplaining troglodyte."

Huffington Post has a write up, "Michael Moore To Rachel Maddow: I Take Rape Charges Against Julian Assange 'Very Seriously' (VIDEO)." And at Business Insider, "Michael Moore Will Not Defend Julian Assange Over Rape Charges, But WikiLeaker Manning Should Be Rewarded." Also, at Vanity Fair, "Michael Moore on Julian Assange: As an American, You Have to Believe He’s Innocent Until Proven Guilty."

Noel Sheppard, at NewsBusters, picks up on Michael Moore's Christian apologetics: "Michael Moore at a YMCA Asks Rachel Maddow if it's Okay to Say He Was Raised Christian." I noticed that too, but it's so standard among progressives that it warranted little mention at the time.

I think that's it, although Sady Doyle has related ruminations, pre-Maddow: "A Week of #MooreandMe: Keith Olbermann and the Eternal “If”."

I don't see the promised column yet from Elizabeth Blackney.

And perhaps Robert Stacy McCain is holding off on reentering this debate. Meanwhile, he goes with the tried and true: "Christmas Cheesecake."

And speaking of Christmas, I'm going shopping. Back online later this afternoon.