Friday, December 31, 2010

Hating Scott Eric Kaufman — Closing Out 2010 With Some Epic Schadenfreude

Look, when SEK's compelled to write a post that shows how much he's loathed by someone, most likely a former student, that's newsworthy. It's especially good since SEK's always bleating about how "great" a teacher he is, blah, blah.

And since SEK's recently sent death wishes my way, I can't resist a little schadenfreude in re-posting this stuff:

Because I have someone—likely a former student using a pseudonym or a random troll—by the name of "Eric Oden" signing me for mailing lists ( and American Intercontinental University Online in the past hour) and creating an alternative email address that looks like mine and then doing generally untoward things (like making false promises to people on Craigslist). To that end, I thought I'd at least put this information out there for anyone who searches for my name:

My email address is
scotterickaufman@gmail. If someone claiming to be me contacts you from any other address—no matter how similar it is to that one—it is not me and you can either ignore it or forward it to my actual email address so I can keep it for my records.
More at the link (those bogus Craigslist postings are killer).

SEK's Facebook page is
here and Twitter page here.

Here's to a Happy New Year of hatin' on SEK.

Keep those cards and letters (and fake Craigslist listings) flowing!