Sunday, December 26, 2010

#MooreandMe Feminists Target Jezebel, The Nation

Here's the reply from Jessica Coen, Executive Editor of Jezebel, to the #MooreandMe campaign's demands for the removal of Anna Ardin's name and picture.


This is mostly the campaign of Jonathan McIntosh, who went to work on The Nation as well. But note how the Campus Women's Organization at the University of Pittsburgh dissed Coen's response as "childish and unreasonable."

Project much?

And Amadi, who dissed me previously as a "mansplainer," joined
the attacks on Ms. Coen:
Jezebel as a feminist space has been questionable for awhile. Now we can be assured that it's not even a *decent* space. #MooreAndMe
Jezebel eventually capitulated.

And Sady Doyle chimes in on The Nation here.

The article's at the link: "The Case of Julian Assange."

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