Sunday, December 26, 2010

Assange Rape Accuser Launched Lesbian Nightclub in 2007

More information surrounding the allegations: "Tonight Opens "Fever", Gotland's First Queer Club."

And some revealing screencaps
here. Also, the "hidden cache of tweets."

And here's this from the comments at Nicholas Mead's thread, "
How to Smear a Hero," at 4:40am on August 23:
The militant feminists in Norway and Sweden aren’t about equality – they’re against sex. They write things like ‘heterosexual sex is unnatural and demeaning’. That a woman shouldn’t be ‘penetrated’ because that’s ‘humiliating’. And stuff like that.
And here's an Al Jazeera interview with Karin Rosander, the director of communications for Sweden's prosecutor's office, from August:

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