Wednesday, December 29, 2010

WikiLeaks — News Story of the Year

Read Nick Gillespie's essay, "The #1 Game-Changer of 2010: Wikileaks By a Landslide." The key point is that unlike the umpteen other purported "game-changing" news stories, WikiLeaks is genuinely new. And Gillespie argues the frequently heard point that WikiLeaks' impact goes far beyond one individual, such as Julian Assange. Beside that though is to what effect? What's the utility beyond the crazed anarchist's dream of sowing mayhem and destroying state operations, if not the state. We get that discussion at this Reason video, which features Eli Lake, Aaron David Miller, Steven Aftergood, and Heather Hurlburt (in that initial order).

It's a thoughtful clip, although there's a bit of romanticism at parts. I like Lake's comments on the immediate impact of simply generating greater knowledge of international actor behavior and interests. Miller's comments are both lyrical and penetrating. He suggests that the effects could be like footsteps on the beach, possibly washed away by the next big wave. Aftergood, who directs the Project on Government Secrecy at the Federation of American Scientists, is matter-of-fact and to the point (and agreeable if not that animated), and, sorry, but I'm not learning much from Hurlburt.

What's just barely touched is the effect of WikiLeaks on the continued rise of anti-Americanism in the world. Eli Lake mentions this at the start of the clip, but the point gets lost at the remainder of the discussion. WikiLeaks has tightened the tacit alliance between the anarcho-libertarians and the neo-communist progressives. Nick Gillespie is a respectable guy, but the problem with libertarianism is that its adherents give cover for some of the most vile revolutionary doctrines now gaining increased respectability. See, "
WikiLeaks: The Revolutionary as Entrepreneur." More on that later. Meanwhile see my previous entries, "How Communists Exploit WikiLeaks," and "Exposing the WikiLeaks/Communist/Media Alliance."

Wired Battles Glenn Greenwald."

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Dana said...

The WikiLeaks story is a bigger one than the 2010 elections? Sorry, but it doesn't sound like the authors had a very good perspective on things.

WikiLeaks is interesting, certainly enough, but the election results are actual policy changers.

Tom the Redhunter said...

If you look at the short term, then maybe the elections were a game changer. We'll see where they go. Don't count Obama out yet. We made that mistake with Clinton after the elections of 1994, Remember?

But as I've said ad nauseum on my blog, too many people dismiss Wikileaks.

Donald has it right when he links Wikileaks to "the continued rise of anti-Americanism in the world." Anti-American forces around the workd, and I'm not just talking about a few isolated leftists, are coming together, and they aim to turn back American influence.

The world's rogues are watching how we respond to Wikileaks. If we do nothing, i.e. or current policy, they will know that it's ok to hurt America. They will see our failure to act as a green light to put their nefarious plans into action.

Iran, North Korea, Russia, the ChiComs, and the worldwide Jihad are starting to see the United States as a paper tiger. Look for them to ramp up their actions over the next two years.