Monday, December 27, 2010

Moe Tkacik Responds

After a brief exchange, Moe Tkacik sent me a burst of tweets which combined to form something of a paragraph:


@AmPowerBlog omg how did I back off? There were a few tiny factual pts abt which I didn't feel like arguing in part due to solstice spirit ... always thought he was creepy but condom sabotage in consen sex not equiv of rape unless disease/impregnation is intent/result ... but! I'm not swedish law, and to me I realize this is largely abt language, and how precise and evocative you want words to be ... Guess I just dont want rape bcoming another "freedom",tho unsure what best evokes pantsless julian rubbing up agnst you/yr will ... I know and I commented bc i was surprised that was her reaction. By the end we kind of figured out where we differed...but ... also, no disrespect to naomi wolf, although "earth tones" etc etc. I found facts of case intriguing. Esp as someone who always ... wonders if it would have been a good idea to report my date rape? 90% of the time I think "no" but marcotte did make me think ... that since all that is likely to happen is he'll get a stern and semi-traumatic interrogation by police, everyone should do it ... pinning her down hpnd to Miss A right? Thought it was interesting that it didn't seem like she ever wld have gone to cops until ... younger miss W was so traumatized by the thing. Then ms A reexamined her own "worst sex ever" and (in my comic book imagination ... became filled with righteous rage on behalf of the sisterhood which is often not first thought when "worst sex ever" happens ... because young sluts are often too busy thinking "oh no am I a slut?" or "what slut disease do I have now?" Whereas old sluts ... are irritated but hardly traumatized, since let's be honest after a certain age no man can ever violate you like yr sexist boss ... anyway, I hadn't seen one dude committing two date rapes close enough for victims to confer. It was cool. There are worse probs ... and I can't tell you why the "CIA conspiracy" crap so angered the Lady Doyle set, bc obv the timing screamed "bitch(es)setmeup" ... but since Assange cant claim credit for stylish prose of cables or mindless violence of iraq footage,it doesn't really matter?
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