Monday, December 27, 2010

Nicholas John Mead — 'How to Smear a Hero'

The link to Mead's blog is at my previous entry, "Julian Assange Trophy Sex." I loaded it in Firefox, so click over to the thread, which is fascinating. And remember, this is from last August:
The Pentagon’s open hostility towards WikiLeaks are well known and it’s quite possible this is a smear plot but it if is, it’s been pretty badly executed so far. It could just be a case of a woman who slept with him, possibly got her hopes up and then had sour grapes after she found out he’d also slept with another woman. It’s thought that the women either worked together or both had connections with the same organization that Assange did the speech for. At least one of the women, on realizing that Assange had slept with them both, may have felt rather upset that he’d “played around”. In their anger and hurt, it’s possible they may have taken the decision – or maybe even been coerced by outside forces – to smear him in revenge or alternatively, one of them convinced the other to make a joint accusation in return for something. It’s understood that the other woman involved is somewhat younger than __________. It’s hard to say anything more until and if Assange speaks publicly on exactly what happened on the nights in question. In the end, it may all come down to a question of what exactly the victims consider “molestation” and what exactly the law defines it as.
This guy Mead's a revolutionary communist. Among other things, his twitter page gushes with Noam Chomsky links, for example. And as of last Tuesday Mead remained fully in the Assange corner, "Assange concerned over 'natural justice' in Sweden."