Thursday, December 30, 2010

Today's Happy Abortion Story

At the comments from a previous post on "happy" abortions, which is heartbreaking to me:
I got an abortion yesterday, I knew right away that was what I wanted to do. But I did have thoughts of keeping it, unrealistic as they were. My boyfriend and I have been together nearly two years, we have a stable happy relationship but we do live with his mom. I am 18 and he 20. We have some money not a lot by any means. But I made a mistake and maybe it was a pretty big one but should the consequence for a bad mistake at a young age be a baby? I mean come on really, that is not fair to a child. I was not ready for a baby, I did not want a baby. I would never want to hold that kind of resentment for a poor child. I just honestly want to say I am so happy for my decision, I know what I did was the right choice. Today I woke up with a new sense of empowerment. Today I am a new woman who is proud of not only this but all the other big decisions I've made in my life.
The childish irresponsibility here is staggering.

I fear for the youth of today. There's an utter collapse of morality that leaves me grieving. This is not empowerment. It's murder.

I will say a prayer when I go to sleep in a little while.

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JBW said...

Question for you, Don: you call abortion murder (and I assume that you would like for it to be illegal), what do you think the proper punishment for getting an abortion should be if it ever becomes illegal?

I know you support the death penalty, should that be the punishment for every woman who commits murder in this way? And not just for the woman but for the doctor who performs it as well? And should the nurse who assists and whoever drives the woman to the clinic be charged as accessories?

Your morals are always so clear-eyed and stalwart, I'm genuinely curious as to your thoughts on this topic.

JBW said...

So what: it's a staggering collapse of morality and it's totally murder but you have nothing to say about how people should be punished for committing this crime? Murder?!

Come on, big guy. Thrall me with your acumen. Or maybe you're just a big talking moralistic bullshitter who lacks the courage to make the hard choices about your supposed convictions (which would not surprise me, incidentally)...

Dave said...

Who knows, JBW?

Perhaps you will be able to arrange a threesome with Joe Mengele and Margaret Sanger someday.

After all, you three have so much in common.

Somehow I'm guessing it will be a rather sweaty encounter, as the heat present will be far beyond anything you can possibly imagine.


Dana said...

JBW asked, "what do you think the proper punishment for getting an abortion should be if it ever becomes illegal?"

The crime is murder in the first degree -- it's clearly premeditated -- and the punishment should be life in prison¹ for the woman, the abortionist, and his assistants. The person who drives the woman to the abortion is an accessory, as is whoever pays for the abortion.

There'd only be a few convictions and abortion would mostly cease.

¹ - I do not support capital punishment, period.

JBW said...

Excellent points, Dave. Invoking Nazism in your analysis is everything I've come to expect from your previous comments here. But of course I wasn't talking to you...

Dana, at least you have the courage of your convictions, walking the walk of the talk you talk. I myself don't support the death penalty either, although for me it's because I don't trust my government with the power to execute its citizens rather than that I don't think that certain crimes deserve death (which I definitely do).

Now I have no doubt that by making the practice illegal the number of abortions would obviously decrease but I disagree with your opinion that it would "mostly cease". What I think would happen is that by prohibiting legal abortion you will just create an underground market for that service. Women who want an abortion will be forced to deal with criminals under less than safe medical conditions. I agree that there would probably be few convictions but that would be because of the underground nature of the new industry.

Making something illegal does not stop it from happening if the demand is high enough, it only creates black markets that provide the supply (along with less safety and higher costs, of course). This is basic economic theory.

Look at our current drug war: coming up on 40 years now, millions of Americans in jails and prisons (giving us the highest prison population in the world, numerically and per capita), tens of billions of dollars spent every year, untold death and danger all along our Southern border and yet tens of millions of Americans are still purchasing and using illegal drugs. Has this policy improved society or are the symptoms of the drug war worse than the cure?

Rather than outright forbidding a woman's choice to have an abortion for the reasons I just listed my stance on this issue is stated thusly:

"I know that it sounds cliche but I really do believe that abortions should be safe, legal and rare. This means concentrating societal and governmental resources on comprehensive sex education programs, the dissemination of any and all forms of contraception to anyone who requests them and effective, professional single-mother and couples counseling about adoption for anyone considering abortion as a viable option."

Before making abortion punishable by death or life in prison I think the country should make a good faith effort to implement all of the suggestions above along with any others I might have missed. Plus I suspect that your own stand on this issue is quite outside the mainstream and thus politically and realistically untenable: Americans are pretty much split down the middle on this issue, I highly doubt that your idea would ever gain traction in this country.

As I said though, good on you for having the moral and intellectual courage to answer my question truthfully. And yes Don, that was a direct inference that you lack both of those qualities on this topic. You might prove me wrong on that note, but you'll excuse me if I don't hold my breath.

Grizzly Mama said...

This very silly, very young woman is just parroting the abortion industry line. She's been fed these lies probably her entire life. She just needs to keep repeating: it's not a baby, it's not a baby, it's not a baby. That should hold her for awhile. At some point, she will most likely realize that yes - it IS a baby. It WAS a baby - her baby - and she decided to kill it. Then she will have to face the consequences of believing those lies as so many women have had to do. It could quite possibly be a physical consequence, but most likely will be an emotional consequence. It's not something they talk about at Planned Parenthood.

Unfortunately, she was not given much of a 'choice'. I'm sure killing her baby was presented as the only *rational* 'choice.