Friday, December 24, 2010

Sady Doyle Bleats Non-Apologies After Getting Moe Tkacik Fired for Speaking Truth to Feminist Hypocrisy

Look, it's not like she had to write a Christmas Eve post declaiming ANY RESPONSIBILITY WHATSOEVER in Moe Tkacik's abrupt unemployment only to come back with an equally abrupt about-face pathetically FEIGNING REMORSE before finally telling her critics to just STFU. I guess this is what feminist progressives do, you know, denounce the purported lies at New York Observer, and then ramble on:
Now that I’m some heroic super-powerful ultrablogger feminist New Hope for Activism For-Ever, and feeling the necessary bite from that — first they call you the Messiah, then they crucify you, because we wanted a better Messiah than this, anyway — and the inevitable weird envy and suspicion around that, I kind of especially don’t love that there is this media narrative around me “getting” “someone” “fired” on Christmas with my feminist superpowers, because see, I wasn’t a good girl, I was a nasty cunt all along, you were right to hate me, I’m a nasty dirty mean evil bitch who can’t possibly have a point, and the victim here isn’t the two women currently getting credible death threats, the victim is Moe Tkacik, the victim here isn’t all the survivors e-mailing me, the victim is Moe Tkacik, the victim here isn’t truth or the protesters dropping out because they’ve been harassed too badly or threatened at their homes, the victim is Moe Tkacik.

Yeah, I don’t love that. I’m not happy about the timing, AT ALL. Because now I get to take all the blame from anyone who agrees with me that, from the outside, firing Moe looks like a huge overreaction to what she did. I was ANGRY AS FUCK about that piece, and I said some MEAN THINGS, but I just wanted her to redact the names. The rest of the blatantly false “it was just bad sex” stuff, well, I didn’t have the energy to even analyze it. I just wanted the names taken down. But there you go. Fired for Christmas “because of me,” and we all have a mean feminist story to tell around the campfire, because clearly what I wanted was for Moe Tkacik to lose her job and never work again ....

I don’t care what she wrote. (Well, I do. Because it was unacceptable. But.) That shit’s fucked up. The men face no lasting consequences, and a woman suffers. That shit is FUCKED UP.
Sexist much? And wasn't it you, Ms. Sady, who led the feminist attack mob? Thus it's very difficult to believe you, much less understand you. But I feel no sympathy for you in your situation. You and the #MooreandMe mob F***** over Moe Tkacik. You can't take it back. Your reputation's written in stone. And your movement looks worse --- so much worse --- than the misandrous bunch of shrieking harpies you indeed reluctantly aknowledge. And you write this?

I was just kicking back with a drink and watching the protest wind down and wondering what I needed to do to facilitate its end, and then I see this article by one of my favorite writers, and I’m like “oh my god, Moe noticed us! Can’t wait to read it” and then I get HIT RIGHT BACK IN THE FACE with EVERYTHING I HAVE BEEN PROTESTING FOR THE PAST WEEK and I have to start RIGHT BACK OVER, and she wanted it to happen on some level because she called our attention to it, she fucking trolled us — even if women do unconscionable shit, they’re always more vulnerable. They get fired. The men don’t. Moore gets his rep rehabilitated for saying basic shit on TV. Olbermann gets a fucking vacay because CIA honeypot spies have invaded his Twitter account, RIIIIIIGHT ....

She did a bad thing, which is fucked up. She faced consequences that were disproportionate (if they were only consequences for the one bad thing), which is fucked up. We’re being made to look like the villains, and the badness of the thing she did is lost; that’s fucked up. We shouldn’t have to choose between caring about rape and caring about Tkacik losing her job.

Well, no, she didn't do "a bad thing."

But let it go, sweetie. Moe's road kill on the superhighway to the feminist utopia. Deal with it. And don't come back with harpie hand-wringing about how you "
went from one angry girl to someone who got a beloved writer fired on Christmas." I doubt that makes Moe feel any better, and it just makes you look bloody stupid. You know what you can do, or you wouldn't have mounted a shaming show trial to get folks to stand up for the progressives' beloved rape culture victimology. Face it, #MooreandMe is a totalitarian movement. I've said it. And Cathy Young gets it: "Julian Assange, Feminism, and Rape."

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tinfoil hattie said...

If Sady Doyle had such awesome powers as to "get someone fired," Moore and Olbermann would have been fired weeks ago. Lay the responsibility where it belongs: with The City Paper.

Rev Dr E Buzz said...

This person is getting a long drink of the horribleness to others that is one of the many entertaining facets of progressivism, and she apparently is digging it, feeling the power, feeling the hate and madness...I just saw this kind of thing play out amongst two friends, strangely enough.

Number 1004 reason why I'm not a liberal any more.

Anonymous said...

If this weren't so pathetic, it would be funny!