Monday, December 27, 2010

Rehabilitated Moe Tkacik Dishes on Robert Stacy McCain!

Here's the dirt on Robert Stacy McCain's creds in the feminist blogosphere. We've got Amanda Marcotte dishing on the infamous "You buy the ticket, you take the ride" argument, and then we have Moe Tkacik's admission that McCain is the one Washington Times journalist that she "sometimes pays attention to because he's so radical."

What's amazing is that the #MooreandMe protest doesn't come up --- or at least not in the 25 minutes I watched. I stopped watching after that. The discussion devolved into gratuitous and surprisingly prurient sex talk, with an extremely selective commentary on the Julian Assange allegations. Note especially Moe's aggressive progressive feminist walk-back, since the discussion of her Washington City Paper piece is badly at odds with the reaction from Sady Doyle and her Twitter totalitarians. And Amanda Marcotte acknowledges so much at Pandagon:
I was ready for a fight, but Moe’s stance on both Wikileaks and the rape case changed considerably after that post, which also strangely includes ruminations on “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo”, as if you can really extrapolate much about Swedish culture from a single exploitation series that has a sort of feminist message buried in a bunch of unsettling rape imagery. But the chat was amicable, and we agreed on most things, and I think it was really interesting.
We'll have to take Amanda's word for it, that she was "ready for a fight." She doesn't look flush with adrenaline at the start of the clip, but then, with all due respect, I think she's a more reasonable woman than Sady Doyle --- and that's saying a lot.

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Serr8d said...

Sheesh. Unwatchable. Their mutual yap-fest likely lasted longer than the 'trial', if such a thing ever happens.

Does Swedish court allow for discovery, and to what degree? Since we're immersed in this semi-solid bowl-circulator, we might as well know everything about all parties involved.

I can't stand Assange or feminists who sink to Marcotte's depth of unreason, so this sort of internecine bloodbath is always amusing.