Thursday, December 30, 2010

Feminists Freak Over Spongebob Squarepants Shaving Kit

Would they prefer it say "hot wax and go"?

See, "
Toy for 3-Year-Olds Who Want to Shave Their Crotch Like a Big Girl?" (via Amanda Marcotte).


Mike aka Proof said...

I'm no expert on Spongebob, having never watched it, but isn't "Bikini Bottom" the name of the place where he lives?

So, aren't the feminists a tad late in objecting to it?

JBW said...

The gist of her post was that they probably didn't realize that the name of Sponge Bob's town could be construed in that way on a shaving playkit but that if they did she wouldn't be surprised. I'd hardly call that "freaking", Don.

I have to say, this recent obsession you've acquired of trying to dual with feminists has been extremely boring. I can only assume it's been helping your hit count, which would explain a lot but that doesn't make it any less uninteresting. Focus more on conspiratorial Sasquatch theories, that's where you shine, dude.

Oh, and chicks do need to shave their lady parts and should be taught this as little girls; this is America. Hairy beavers only help the terrorists win.

Bartender Cabbie said...

I am not an expert of feminists but I am an authority on Spongebob. Yes he does live in Bikini Bottom. That is his home of record. As for feminists getting all hot and bothered about ridiculous things; I think probably the problem with most of them is that they have no penis. They just hate what they don't have. I could be wrong.

Grizzly Mama said...

The comments over on that thread are pretty hilarious. The majority of them agree with me: This lady is a total whack to think that this kit is aimed at little girls encouraging them to shave their crotch.

Bikini Bottom IS the name of the place where Sponge Bob lives, Proof. The fact that it has a picture of a child pretending to shave his face would clue most sane people that it is a pretend shave kit for little boys.